Speaker Joe Straus: You claim to be Republican, but your actions suggest otherwise

republican majority

Mr. Speaker, I read the duties of the Speaker of the House from your own website. Nowhere on that list of duties do I see a duty to autocratically obstruct the will of the people, as expressed by the majority seating before you.

I know you as a gentleman. Will you remain a gentleman in the special session?

If you believe Governor Greg Abbott’s agenda unpopular, bring all the items to the floor for a vote to prove your point.

Powers & Duties

The speaker is the presiding officer of the house of representatives. The Texas Constitution requires the house of representatives, each time a new legislature convenes, to choose one of its own members to serve as speaker.

As presiding officer, the speaker maintains order during floor debate, recognizing legislators who wish to speak and ruling on procedural matters. The constitution also requires the speaker to sign all bills and joint resolutions passed by the legislature. As a member of the house of representatives, the speaker may vote on all questions before the house.

The other duties and responsibilities of the speaker are determined by the members of the house in the House Rules of Procedure, which are adopted by a majority vote of the members at the beginning of each regular session of the legislature. The members give the speaker the authority to appoint the membership of each standing committee, subject to rules on seniority, and to designate the chair and vice chair for each committee. Under the rules, the speaker is responsible for referring all proposed legislation to committee, subject to the committee jurisdictions set forth in the rules. The rules also allow the speaker to appoint conference committees, to create select committees, and to direct committees to conduct interim studies when the legislature is not in session.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

State Sen. Bob Hall: Senate Bill 1356, A Real Solution to “Texting While Driving”

The following is from an email from Texas SD-2 Senator Bob Hall. I fully agree with SB 1356. Please read his message and respond with your input. Pilots in command and drivers behind the wheel bear responsibility for harm to fellow travelers, whether airborne or zipping down a public thoroughfare. – John White, Rockwall, Texas

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Senate Bill 1356, A Real Solution to “Texting While Driving”

The Texas House has passed and the Senate has considered in committee legislation that would create a misdemeanor offense of using a handheld device to read, write, or send a text-based communication while operating a moving vehicle that is not stopped. Regrettably, the proposed solution will actually increase vehicle accidents.

Distracted driving that results in a vehicle accident (18 percent of all accidents) is a serious problem that needs a serious solution. But research does not support the banning of hand-held electronic devices to solve this issue. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (a premier organization on the issue) has multiple studies that show no decrease in accidents when cell phone bans were implemented. In fact, in many instances, accidents actually increased after the ban. Also, the data shows that prohibiting the use of cell phones has done little to stop the use of cell phones while driving. Banning is not the answer.

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2013 show distracted driving accounted for 10 percent of all fatal crashes. Of that 10 percent of accidents, only 14 percent of crashes involved the use of a cell phone. In other words, 86 percent of fatal “distracted driving” accidents were caused by activity other than cell phones which was only 1.5 percent of all accidents.

  • “Distracted driving” is more serious than just cell phone use.
  • Distracted driving includes all distractions.
  • Texting bans do not reduce accidents.
  • 2013 Data:
    • Total injured – 2,213,000 (100 percent)
    • Distracted driving – 424,000 (18 percent)
    • Cell phone use – 34,000 (1.5 percent)

Senate Bill 1356 would provide that any person causing a collision from the operation of a moving motor vehicle commits an offense if the person is engaged in an activity that is not related to the operation of the motor vehicle and interferes with the driver’s ability to pay attention to the road. An offense would be a Class C misdemeanor for minimal damage, or a state jail felony if the collision results in serious bodily injury or death.

The bill would prohibit local authorities from regulating or prohibiting distracted driving, ending the patchwork of regulation we currently have in place. Existing statutes prohibiting the cell phone use by minor drivers and cell phone use in school zones would not be affected.

If we want to improve vehicle safety and reduce the problem of distracted driving, we must address the whole distracted driving issue, not just a fraction of it. An accident caused by a distraction other than cell phone use is no less serious than the one caused by an individual on their cell phone. And, if the statistics are correct, it is much more likely to occur.

That is why I have filed Senate Bill 1356 which would address the reduction of distracted driving accidents by focusing on the punishment of the consequences, rather than the banning of any specific activity. Driving is a serious responsibility and failure to recognize that should be treated seriously.

If you have input on this item, please provide them to my Legislative Director, Kathi Seay.  She can be reached by email at Kathi.Seay@senate.texas.gov or by phone at 512.463.0102.

If you are interested in reading other pending bills and sending any comments to our office, they may be found at http://www.legis.texas.gov/.

As always, I appreciate the opportunity to represent you in the Texas Senate.


Senator Bob Hall

Stop the For-Profit Marketing of ABORTIONS by Planned Parenthood

Source: LiveAction Facebook “Planned Parenthood Workers Speak Out: Abortion Quotas”

Planned Parenthood is a faux non-profit organization that actually strives to maximize profits.

Demand your state legislators DEFUND Planned Parenthood.

CALL their offices.

WRITE emails and/or letters.

Texas House District 33 Justin Holland

Texas House Contact http://www.house.state.tx.us/members/member-page/?district=33

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/justinaholland

Texas Senate District 2 Bob Hall 

Texas Senate Contact http://www.senate.texas.gov/member.php?d=2

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/VoteBobHall/

Speaker of the House Joe Straus

Texas House Contact http://www.house.state.tx.us/members/member-page/?district=121 

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SpeakerJoeStraus/?hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf 

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick 

Texas Capitol Contact https://www.ltgov.state.tx.us/

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/sen.dan.patrick

Mental Illness Among Us – What’s the Cure?

Mental Illness

What is mental illness? Let’s start with what it’s not. While there are biological factors that manifest as ‘mental illness’, I leave the classification of organic mental illness for another blog. Mental retardation, for the purposes of this writing, falls under the organic category.

While there are biological factors that manifest as mental illness, I leave the classification of organic mental illness for another blog. Instead, let’s consider behavioral problems for which there is no organic cause.

Neurosis, psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and like classifications hinder rather than help an affected person’s recovery.

From this point forward, I base my observations on the findings and practice of Dr. logo-william-glasser-instituteWilliam Glasser, author of Reality Therapy and founder of the William Glasser Institute. “Reality Therapy is the method of counseling that Dr. Glasser has been teaching since 1965. Reality therapy is firmly based on choice theory and its successful application is dependent on a strong understanding of choice theory.

Choice Theory

According to Dr. Glasser, “all we do is behave, almost all behavior is chosen, and we are choice-theory-book-coverdriven by our genes to satisfy five basic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun.”

Dr. Glasser says “the most important need is love and belonging, as closeness and connectedness with the people we care about is a requisite for satisfying all of the needs.”

Choice Theory is available from Amazon.com via this link.


The Underlying Problem

The prevalent root of all mental illness is a person’s inability to satisfy his or her own needs. In a word: irresponsibility.

We see college students who race to ‘safe places’ where someone meets their needs by attributing their disease to the actions or values of another person or persons.

Currently, an anarchist movement chiefly associated with the Democrat Party spawns street riots, looting, assaults on innocent persons, and property damage in the millions of dollars.

These mentally ill people demand free education, free housing, free food, and free medical care because they cannot provide these things themselves.

The Cure

As Dr. Glasser teaches, the mentally ill person needs connection with a healthy, good-quality person who will reinforce the truth. They need this connection.

Constraining them in county jails and state mental hospitals inhibits any possibility of this vital long-term personal connection with someone who can love them.

Yes, there are chemical treatments that alleviate the symptoms but do nothing to heal the person.


Widespread mental illness due to widespread personal irresponsibility has overtaken college campuses and sharply defined the boundary between two major political parties along the line of irresponsibility which may be described as a yearning for more socialism.

Extreme leftists generally associated with the Democrat Party refuse to accept the fact of President Donald Trump. Fortunately, California excluded, most of our people are rational thinkers who understand the perils of extraordinary national debt and trade imbalances with other nations.

Extreme leftists threaten extreme measures to deny the present reality of a Republican majority in the Congress and White House. Madeleine Albright says she is prepared to “register as a Muslim” to protest President Trump’s moratorium on Muslim immigration. New York Times economist Paul Krugman claims President Trump is mentally ill.

Last fall a number of professional actors and singers threatened to leave America if Donald Trump became president. He did. They didn’t. Acceptance of Mr. Trump as president by Miley Cyrus and some of the others is actually a healthy outcome, not so for those who remain in denial.

Our major cities have become harbors for the homeless, some homeless due to financial disaster, most due to irresponsibility, all too often the products of government welfare.


Healthy citizens must become engaged in the broad problem of mental illness. If for no other reason, to prevent suicides.

Texas is 49th in per capita spending on mental health. I urge state lawmakers to parse out the various roles of the Texas Dept. of Health and Human Services, set mental health all on its own to focus on healing our people. I believe those cases requiring short-term hospitalization should be in the care of professional hospitals, not state warehouses of humanity.

Learn. Be aware of the homeless around you. Support legislation to better address the issues of homelessness, suicide, and irresponsibility.

Visit with your county and city law enforcement officers to learn about their interactions with mental patients in your community.

Suggested resources

REALITY THERAPY Glasser’s classic bestseller, with more than 500,000 copies sold, examines his alternative reality-therapy-book-coverto Freudian psychoanalytic procedures, explains the procedure, contrasts it to conventional treatment, and describes different individual cases in which it was successful.

COUNSELING WITH CHOICE THEORY In Counseling with Choice Theory, Dr. William Glasser takes readers into his consulting room and illustrates, through a series of conversations with his patients, exactly how he puts counseling-and-choice-theory-book-coverhis popular therapeutic theories into practice.

These vivid, almost novelistic case histories bring Dr. Glasser’s therapy to life and show readers how to get rid of the controlling, punishing I know what’s right for you psychology that crops up in most situations when people face conflict with one another.

Practical and readable, Counseling with Choice Theory is Dr. Glasser’s most accessible book in years.

CHOICE THEORY: A NEW PSYCHOLOGY OF PERSONAL FREEDOM Dr. William Glasser offers a new psychology that, if practiced, could reverse our widespread inability to get along with one another, an inability that is the source of almost all unhappiness.

choice-theory-book-coverFor progress in human relationships, he explains that we must give up the punishing, relationship, destroying external control psychology. For example, if you are in an unhappy relationship right now, he proposes that one or both of you could be using external control psychology on the other. He goes further. And suggests that misery is always related to a current unsatisfying relationship. Contrary to what you may believe, your troubles are always now, never in the past. No one can change what happened yesterday.


History and Facts behind HB375 Constitutional Carry

What are the facts around Constitutional Carry bill HB375? This video lays out a clear and cogent argument to pass this bill.

Texas is a grassroots population that makes good choices when given good information.

Contact state lawmakers to urge them to support Constitutional Carry legislation introduced by State Representative Jonathan Stickland.

Texas State Senator Bob Hall (SD-2) official email http://bit.ly/2j0eylG

Texas State Representative Justin Holland (HD-33) official email http://bit.ly/2jmd4Rc

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick official email http://bit.ly/1FqCkYL

Speaker Joe Straus official email http://bit.ly/2j6litb

The ‘Miracle’ of Socialism – Cuba Deux

In 1959, Cuba had the fourth largest economy in the western hemisphere. It’s citizens enjoyed a higher standard of living than U.S. citizens. The Cuban peso was on par with the U.S. dollar and it was printed by the American Banknote Company.

Cuban Cien Peso 1959.png
a scan of my personal cien (100) peso Cuban banknote

Fidel Castro’s communist government enjoyed the financial and military backing of the former Soviet Union (USSR) from its inception until 1991 when the USSR collapsed.

From 1959 to 1991, Cuba was aligned with the USSR and Venezuela was aligned with the USA. Castro’s support for the antigovernment movement in Venezuela destabilized that country, leading to the election of Hugo Chavez in 1999. Chavez and Castro formed strong bonds. Venezuela became Castro’s new ‘sugar daddy’.

Hugo Chavez supplied Fidel Castro with money, oil, and technology paid for with cash from the Venezuelan state-owned oil company PDVSA, the only funds Chavez could constitutionally control.

Hugo Chavez drained PDVSA of capital to fund his socialist ‘reforms’ of low-cost grocery stores, cheap gasoline and a host of other things. The Castro government exchanged human capital in the form of Soviet-Union-style government administrators and medical personnel. As an aside, Chavez worked to undermine the Mexican government by providing free eye surgeries to poor Mexicans.

Maduro followed Chavez as president and the Venezuelan economy and society continued its slide into the abyss of economic collapse. Desperate Venezuelans face dire food shortages.

food shortages in Venezuela.png

For many years desperate Cubans fled Castro’s socialist paradise aboard boats and crude rafts. They are known as the balseros (people who ride on rafts).

Excerpt from page 250 of the Book ‘Cuba’ By Ted Henken

Now, desperate Venezuelans follow suit. We have a new generation of balseros.

Venezuelan Balseros.png

As Venezuelan financial support dried up, Cuba’s communist government faced imminent collapse. Want to guess which socialist stepped up to the plate?

President Barack Obama could have worked to end the Cuban embargo seven years ago, but he did not. Why did he suddenly decide to open up travel to Cuba? I provided that answer December 25, 2014 – Obama’s Cuban-Venezuelan Connection – Why He Ends the Cuban Embargo: my opinion.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and fellow progressives persistently manipulate and maneuver to undermine our republic in favor of socialism which is the bridge to global governance.

Socialism failed in Russia, in the Soviet-bloc countries, in China, in Brazil, Cuba, and Venezuela which is now  Cuba 2.0. Most certainly it will fail here, also.

I believe with all my heart that God has given us a second chance, as indicated by the miraculous election of President-elect Donald Trump. It is now imperative we teach the true history of this nation to the next generations of citizens.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

President Donald Trump: father, businessman, a man acquainted with grief

family of donald trump.png
Trump Family

Several religious (Christian and Jewish) foretold a Trump presidency based on Isaiah 45:1-6 NLT

  1. This is what the Lord says to Cyrus, his anointed one, whose right hand he will empower. Before him, mighty kings will be paralyzed with fear. Their fortress gates will be opened, never to shut again.
  2. This is what the Lord says: “I will go before you, Cyrus, and level the mountains. I will smash down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron.
  3. And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness—secret riches. I will do this so you may know that I am the Lordthe God of Israel, the one who calls you by name. 
  4. “And why have I called you for this work? Why did I call you by name when you did not know me? It is for the sake of Jacob my servant, Israel my chosen one. 
  5. I am the Lord; there is no other God. I have equipped you for battle, though you don’t even know me, 
  6. so all the world from east to west will know there is no other God. I am the Lord, and there is no other.

God used two powerful men to correct Israel and Judah, and God called the two his servants. The first, Nebuchadnezzar was used to capture the Jews and take them captive to Babylon. Cyrus, the second, was used to defeat Babylon and return the Jews and the temple utensils to Jerusalem.

Contemporary religious leaders see Trump as a type of Cyrus.

Stay tuned, folks!

John White

Rockwall, Texas