Chairman Allen West’s Monday Message for 3.15.21 (reprint)

If America is to survive the scourge of leftists, socialists, Marxists, statists, and communists, we must refer to them as they are... We cannot allow them to dominate and dictate the narrative, as they disparage and denigrate those who want to enjoy their constitutional rights, freedoms, and liberties. We must see them -- and their actions -- as the evil they represent, and express that.

The Cancel Culture – Puppets On A String

Anarchists, homosexuals, the pro-abortion people, the atheists, the anarchists, and the seemingly mindless protesters appear to be attacking Christians, pledging to destroy western civilization. Actually, none of the named groups are coming after us Christians. It is the one known variously as Satan, the Devil, the Antichrist, the Father of Lies who is working vicariously through these groups.

The Bright Side of LGBTQ Activism

In my seventh decade of life, I remember how homosexuals were not called homosexuals in the 1960s. Sodomite was one term, a truly derogatory word. Queer was the common noun, also a derogatory word. Regardless of the chosen noun, homosexual men weren't predisposed to see themselves as anything but men, likewise homosexual women, affirming that … Continue reading The Bright Side of LGBTQ Activism

A Guide To Pete Buttigieg

The emerging darling of the Democrats is a Hoosier, Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana. In a campaign speech from South Bend, Illinois, 14 April 2019, Pete eloquently described his vision for a new America. WATCH: Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend announces presidential bid Listening to his full presentation, his prominent positions, in … Continue reading A Guide To Pete Buttigieg