Attention all debtors! Yes, you, you, and you!

Your Congress just piled on more unsustainable debt to an already unsustainable national debt. Your individual tab is at present $173,549 and will dramatically increase over the next 12 months. How did they vote on the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018? Sen. John Cornyn:      Yea Sen. Ted Cruz:            … Continue reading Attention all debtors! Yes, you, you, and you!

Rockwall County Precinct 2 Voter Guide 2018

UPDATED It is permissible to print a copy of this voter guide and use it while marking your ballot. Rockwall County will introduce the new voting system whereby we get the best of both electronic and paper voting. There are no pre-printed ballots. Instead, you mark your own paper ballot using a touchscreen terminal which … Continue reading Rockwall County Precinct 2 Voter Guide 2018

Eternal Political Affiliation – Seeking and Finding Solutions To Save America From Destruction

You may be listening to partisan debates among contenders for the office of President of the United States. If so, by now you have probably chosen the one whose oratory resonates with your own desires. What if you knew there is something better and more enduring than either the Republican or Democrat parties?

TEA Party Leaders Endorse Ralph Hall for Congress

May 21, 2012 Voters of 4th Congressional District: We the undersigned, declare our wholehearted support for the re-election of Congressman Ralph Hall. Although we are local TEA Party leaders in our respective areas, we speak as individuals who well know Congressman Hall on a personal level. Throughout the year we communicate the general sentiments and … Continue reading TEA Party Leaders Endorse Ralph Hall for Congress

USA – Inflation Nation

This inflationary spiral will affect everyone because wages always fall way behind inflation. Consequently, Americans will spend more on fuel and commodities and have less disposable income to purchase hard goods.

Remember in November and vote Republican. The worst we Republicans have to offer is by far superior to the best the Democrats offer.