What’s Left For Democrat Die Hards?

What best describes the 2017 Democratic Party?

Clue Number 1

The Daily Caller’s Phillip Stuckey was undercover with protesters that stormed The Heritage Foundation this morning (25 April 2017).

The above story reveals how Democrat protesters are paid actors and they do not represent the citizens, but are tools of the corrupt leaders who control all things Democrat.

Clue Number 2

The Washington Times - Abortion question opens rift among democrats over direction of party.png
Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, said there is an “enormous disconnect” between rank-and-file Democrats — one-quarter to one-third of whom identify as pro-life — and party leadership, to whom abortion is sacrosanct.

Read more of this story from the Washington Times: http://bit.ly/2oHZjvN

Clue Number 3

The Democratic Party prefers a minority of persons experiencing GID – gender identity disorder – over the constitutional rights of America’s women and children.

In Summary

The Democratic Party is the party of atheist, bigots, racists, death, and anarchists. Let’s thrown a deep and abiding relationship with Marxists-socialists.

The clearest demarcation between hardcore Democrats and the rest of us is the official militant pro-death, pro-abortion plank in the Democrat party platform.

I was a Democrat who was born and raised in south Texas where everyone was a Democrat. I can’t recall even one person who would admit to being a Republican. Most of us were Harry Truman Democrats.

Jimmy Carter’s election was the turning point for me. I campaigned for him and I voted for him, but four years later I voted in the Republican primary for Ronald Reagan and a slate of Republican candidates.

What will the pro-life Democrats do now?

John White
Rockwall, Texas

ACLU continues its assault on commonsense legislation crafted to protect vulnerable women and children

In an email today, the ACLU says, “North Carolina should truly repeal its unjust HB2 law that permits discrimination against LGBT people — and we’re calling on the NCAA to refuse to allow championship games to take place in NC until that happens.”

What’s wrong with the above ACLU complaint? Let’s do a little reality check.

ACLU and the LGBTQ-Whatever Confusion

While the left’s popular euphemism for homosexuality is the acronym LGBTQ, homosexuality remains a same-sex attraction.

Here’s the fun part. Are you ready, ACLU?

Men who are afflicted with same-sex attraction have no interest in the invasion of women’s restrooms, dressing rooms, and gymnasium showers. Homosexual men prefer men. Is this too deep for you? I’ll pull back and elaborate somewhat.

Women with same-sex attraction are not interested in men. Like homosexual men, they have no interest in the invasion of men’s restrooms, dressing rooms, and gymnasium showers. Does this help?

The North Carolina HB2, like a similar bill before the Texas Legislature, was crafted to protect vulnerable women and children from sexual predators, guys who wish to walk into women’s restrooms, dressing rooms, and gymnasium showers with impunity. These heterosexual males are perverts and creeps who are generally unwelcome in the aforesaid facilities reserved for women and young children.

I know, I know. I’ve written some facts about life that challenge your baseless complaints, but you will eventually gain understanding (aka common sense) if you re-read the above several times, clicking your heels together while repeatedly saying, “I’m not in the women’s restroom. I’m not in the women’s restroom. I’m not in the women’s restroom.”

Read from the Austin Statesman: Gov. Abbott says he wants to sign a transgender bathroom bill http://tinyurl.com/n4rbuks

Skeptics look to Donald Trump’s past – God looks to President Trump’s future

Back in 2015 when Dr. Lance Wallnau prophesied billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump would become our 45th president, I thought he had gone mad. We Texas Republicans voted overwhelmingly for Texan Ted Cruz and we fully expected Ted to be the 45th. But, that Tuesday evening when the primary polls closed in Indiana the electoral vote count cemented Mr. Trump’s candidacy as the GOP presidential candidate. The rest is history.

Pastor Saeed Abedini Prophesies Donald Trump Will Usher the World Into a New Millennium

As a delegate to the Texas State Republican Convention who expected Senator Ted Cruz to rise to the top, the Trump win stunned me. My prayer that Tuesday evening before the convention was, “G-d, give me a reason to attend the convention.” I prayed. G-d answered – via Twitter. There on my computer screen, late that evening was a tweet from Lance Wallnau who remarked, “Remember what I told you?” That tweet marked a pivotal moment for me.

USA Today reports that Dr. Lance Wallnau, an internationally recognized speaker, business

G-ds Chaos Candidate Book
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and political strategist is one of only three evangelical leaders to have accurately predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency. Dr. Wallnau’s best-selling book, “God’s Chaos Candidate” is credited as being the catalyst that mobilized thousands of Christians to vote for Donald Trump and contributed to Trump’s unprecedented election victory. Lance cites Isaiah 45, the Biblical prophecy of Cyrus as G-d’s description of the Trump presidency.

Rick Joyner, founder of MorningStar Ministries in Fort Mills, SC, and Pastor Robert Jeffress of the Dallas First Baptist Church boldly predicted businessman Trump would be the next president.

With all the well-organized well-funded opposition from ‘community organizer’ Barack Hussein Obama and his Organizing For Action (OFA) ready-made mob machine, the spineless actions of congressional Republicans, and a hostile left-wing media, forward progress seems doubtful.

saeed abedini - man looks to the past - God looks to the future.png

It is for such a time as this Pastor Saeed Abedini speaks wisdom to America. Saeed remarked on Facebook, “He is a modern day Cyrus and he has a special calling and anointing for what he has been called by God to do. Mr. Trump will take the whole world NOT just America to the new level that the world never has never seen before.

CNN, UNIVISION, MSNBC and all the rest of the left-wing media would have you believe the Trump presidency is on life support. Fear not. G-d’s hand is on our president whose accusers relentlessly dredge up Mr. Trump’s past. All the while G-d is making a way where there seems to be no way.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Irrational mob protests across the nation- Why the moral outrage? How should we respond?

Interesting, isn’t it? I’m talking about all the well-organized nationwide protests targetingheathen-rage-and-imagine-a-vain-thing the president and conservative Christians. Democrats will gather here in tiny Rockwall to train more protesters. Why?

A minister of the Gospel knows it’s a matter of the heart. As it is written in the Jeremiah 17:9, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”

The book of Jeremiah was written over 2,600 years ago. Psychologists Rothschild and Keefer conducted five separate studies assessing the relationships between anger, empathy, identity, individual and collective guilt, self-perception, and the expression of moral outrage. Herewith a synopsis of their findings as reported in Reason Magazine.

  1. Triggering feelings of personal culpability for a problem increases moral outrage at a third-party target. Read more: moral-outrage-point-1
  2. The more guilt over one’s own potential complicity, the more desire “to punish a third-party through increased moral outrage at that target.” Read more: moral-outrage-point-2
  3. Having the opportunity to express outrage at a third-party decreased guilt in people threatened through “in-group immorality.” Read more: moral-outrage-point-3
  4. “The opportunity to express moral outrage at corporate harm-doers” inflated participants perception of personal morality. Read more: moral-outrage-point-4
  5. Guilt-induced moral outrage was lessened when people could assert their goodness through alternative means, “even in an unrelated context.” Read more: moral-outrage-point-5

A collaborative to Jeremiah 17:9 is found in Psalm 2:1. “Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?”

People who rage and imagine vain things are irrational. You can’t reason with them. No arguments or facts will dissuade them. So, what is the proper response by conservatives, particularly Christians and Jews? The short answer: love and kindness.

If we react in the same irrational, angry manner it will only further enrage them. Here is what Holy Scripture, commandments of God say.

  • Love them as you love yourself. Matthew 22:36-40
  • Do not respond hatefully to those who express their hatred for you; do good to them who do bad to you; intercede in prayer for them; bless them. Matthew 5:44
  • When they speak harshly to you or about you, don’t respond in kind. Instead, answer kindly. Proverbs 15:1-4

Say to yourself, when confronted with irrational hatred and vitriol, “I am better than this. We are better than this.”

Personal confession: I haven’t exactly followed my own advice, but I, like you, can and do repent.

Soli Deo Gloria

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Texas Civil Asset Forfeiture – Follow the Money, Demand Reform

Texas Asset Forfeiture Actions

Source: Goldstein, Goldstein & Hilley law firm

Forfeiture actions have become common in drug cases and white collar crime cases. Additionally, Texas forfeiture law has been expanded to apply to any felony of the first or second degree in the Texas Penal Code, as well as numerous expressly listed offenses contained in other codes.

Allowing local law enforcement officials to keep a substantial amount of the proceeds obtained from seizing contraband for their own official use gives the police and prosecutors an improper incentive to overzealously pursue civil forfeitures. This asset forfeiture system often leads to corruption, particularly in Texas where the police and prosecutors are allowed to keep the property they seize.

How Police Can Seize Your Property Without A Trial

Source: The Dallas Morning News 20 April 2016

In just over a decade, Texas law enforcement collected more than half a billion dollars, $540.7 million, in cash and personal property from Texans suspected of breaking the law. Known as civil asset forfeiture, this legal practice leaves average Texans vulnerable to having their assets seized by police, no trial or proof of guilt necessary.

Texas is among the worst states in the nation for civil asset forfeiture abuse. The Institute for Justice’s “Policing for Profit” report gave Texas a D+ and said the state leads the nation in average annual forfeiture proceeds, at roughly $41.6 million. Read more from the DMN

Financial Incentives Corrupt Good Government

Back in the day when tiny Lavon, Texas had a meager population fewer than 400 souls, that Collin County city was a notorious speed trap. The city’s police force included four full-time officers and 12 reserve officers.

Lavon city law enforcement claimed the department was merely protecting its citizens, but police officers were writing tickets for all manner of things from one mile per hour over the posted speed limit to tinted windows that allegedly exceeded state-mandated limits.

Bottom line: After the Texas Legislature limited the share of traffic fines, the city reduced the size of its police department and today Lavon is no longer a speed trap.

The overall effectiveness of government is inextricably dependent on public trust. A 2011 FBI law enforcement bulletin stated, “In terms of public trust for law enforcement, recent polls show that only 56 percent of people rated the police as having a high or very high ethical standard as compared with 84 percent for nurses.”

In the wake of the Obama administration, public trust in law enforcement is at an all-time low as mobs take to the streets of major metropolitan areas and leftist organizations like the ACLU and the BLM movement oppose legitimate law enforcement.

Call for Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform in Texas

The 85th Texas Legislature has before it Senate Bill 380 carried by State Senator Konni Burton (R-Colleyville) to dramatically reform civil asset forfeiture in our state.

Previously, State Senator John Whitmire (R- Houston) carried SB-316 that successfully curtailed abuses of property unjustly seized at roadside traffic stops. But, it did not go far enough.

SB-380 deserves our support. Adam Brandon of Freedom Works says civil asset forfeiture has the approval of 88% of Texas citizens.

Common sense tells us the seizure of huge sums of money disruptst drug cartels. Equally so, common sense tells us the seizure of private property from innocent Texans disrupts Texas lives.

Attorney, patriot, and mom, KrisAnne Hall podcast: Civil Asset Forfeiture


Contact your Texas State Senator and your Texas State Representative. Tell them you support SB-380 to reform Texas Civil Asset Forfeiture.

You can learn who represents you in Texas by entering your zip code here: http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/Home.aspx

For Rockwall County and the Frisco area of Collin County (HD-33):

State Senator Bob Hall (SD-2) http://www.senate.texas.gov/memberform.php?auth=tBWL6g3A4oDm27iow0Zxyl94jT9%2FdGZkNmHOASewsPn4rjp8Onw6o%2BMQ4aevgbYQN4D7JtJlzSMIyQPdKTiIY2B2e5ZCUlM%3D&lang=en

State Representative Justin Holland (HD-33)  http://www.house.state.tx.us/members/member-page/?district=33

Call the Austin offices and leave a brief message with the respective office staff. I also recommend sending a message via web form email.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Witches cursed the president – So What

Witches cursed the president – What is a curse?


Source: Independent Journal Review 2/24/2017


What do curses and blessings have in common? Only one thing: they are spoken words.

You have heard people say, “She baked me a cake! What a blessing!” No, a cake is not a blessing. It’s a cake.

James 3:10 says, “Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing…”

No doubt about it: curses are bad; blessings are good.

What should you do when someone curses you? Jesus admonishes us to “…bless those who curse you…”

The Bible has a lot to say about the subject and on this occasion, I point to Psalm 109 that features intriguing language. Starting at verse 2, compare the following to fake news.

“They have spoken against me with a lying tongue.
They have also surrounded me with words of hatred,
And fought against me without a cause.”

Skipping down to verses 17-20:

“As he loved cursing, so let it come to him;
As he did not delight in blessing, so let it be far from him.
As he clothed himself with cursing as with his garment,
So let it enter his body like water,
And like oil into his bones.
Let it be to him like the garment which covers him,
And for a belt with which he girds himself continually.
Let this be the Lord’s reward to my accusers,
And to those who speak evil against my person.”

There is much to say on the subject of blessings and curses. I conclude with Exodus 22:28. “You shall not revile God, nor curse a ruler of your people.”

So, what can happen to President Trump? His authority will increase and his poll numbers will continue to go up because the curses from witches and ‘fake news’ media will return upon those who curse the president.

What’s our responsibility? We are directed to pray for “…all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life…” 1 Tim. 2:2

So what? It’s all going to be okay. Rest assured that President Trump is God’s anointed leader for this time in our history. God is still sovereign and comfortably seated on his throne.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

It’s an Emergency So It’s Time to Pull the Cord

The below text was copied verbatim from an email to me from The Convention Courier, Winter 2016/2017 Section 1 


It’s easy to idolize people, to put them up on a pedestal and assume they’re better than they are. We see

Click on the image above to read Article V

it with actors who’ve disappointed us (Bill Cosby), with athletes (Lance Armstrong) and with politicians (all of them).


Yes, all of them. Of course, some make their flaws more obvious than others. Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace and Bill Clinton was impeached, but most have failed us in big and small ways. Take conservative hero Ronald Reagan – one of our favorite Presidents here at the COSA office. As a proponent [of] limited government, he vowed to do away with the Department of Education, yet the federal government grew under his administration. (Yes, his Department of Education swelled to an even bigger size.)

After the bitter 2016 Presidential contest, many are hopeful about Donald Trump’s term as President. No matter how many good intentions he has, however, Congress will resist and his power as President is limited. We have witnessed Congress blocking improvements over and over. No one has earned the distrust of American voters like our current crop of so-called political leaders. Ideally, Trump will go to D.C. and “drain the swamp” as he so colorfully put it on the campaign trail. We hope he does. But it’s going to take a lot to remove the sludge of ego and corruption from Congress. Adding better leaders and Cabinet members won’t be enough. A change in personnel is only temporary… only a change in structure, that a Convention of States will secure, is permanent.

Thankfully, our Founding Fathers planned ahead. First, they created three separate branches of government to help keep them all in check. That hasn’t worked out too well. Congress doesn’t act as a limiting force in D.C. – this was most obvious when they almost eliminated the ethics office. The Supreme Court has acted well outside its constitutional bounds, deciding controversial cultural issues by fiat. Plus, President Obama has used more restrictive executive orders than his six predecessors.

Fortunately, the Founders also included an “emergency cord” in Article V that citizens can pull if the three branches fail to keep each other in check. Reforming our government requires more than a few appointments; it requires we go back and really restructure the way our Founders originally intended.

Thomas Jefferson warned against having “confidence in man,” but that we should “bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” In other words, our Founders expected us to behave in a manner that is consistent with the Constitution, even though modern politicians have forgotten they can’t do whatever they what, whenever they want.

As Trump and Reagan have both used the phrase so well, we do want to “drain the swamp” of that sort of ego, incompetence, and corruption… and, thanks to our Founding Fathers, “We the People” actually have the power and the obligation to do it. Right now, most of America is fed-up with the federal government and is ready to put it back in its constitutionally intended box.

We may never live through another moment more conducive to the convention than right now. As President Trump said himself in his Inaugural Speech, “Today’s ceremony, however, has very special meaning because today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C., and giving it back to you, the people.” The method to make this transfer of power to the people permanent is via calling a Convention of States, and our time is NOW.


Read the full text of President Trump’s Inaugural Speech: president-trumps-inaugural-speech