2018 Elections – Battleground for the Soul of Our Nation

On the left side of the political spectrum, Democrats boast they are “pro-choice”. The pro-choice claim suggests freedom, as in freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and freedom of religious expression. Such is not the case.

Atheism has taken root in the Democrat Party. Atheists strive to silence all religious expression, a natural right (formerly) protected by the First Amendment.

That First Amendment stipulates there will be no “no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech”.

The Gallup Poll tracks many things, including religious trends. In December of 2015, Gallup reported a decline in the number of U.S. residents who call themselves Christianbarna poll - new spiritualityfrom 80.1% in 2008 to 75.2% in 2015. The decline was in the under-forty population. That’s bad news.

Why the decline? Scholarship. Plain and simple. Contemporary young Christians know little to nothing about the Bible. Even fewer Americans know our history.

A Biblical worldview defines abortion as murder and homosexuality as an abomination, but religious groups, pseudo-Christians, ignore the Bible and teach a false history.

President Ronald Reagan wisely said, “If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”

In Canada, the LGBT activists have taken full control of public education, to the point of actually indoctrinating young children toward the LGBT lifestyles. View the CBN News news story below.

In nearby Arkansas, atheists successfully forced a public school system to remove all references to God.

atheists force school to remove musical Bible quotes.PNG

The challenge for Bible-believing, born-again Christians is two-fold. In the short term, we must be diligent to vote for candidates who agree with the Right to Life and parental authority. In the long-term, Christians must boldly tell their stories, their personal testimonies on what God has done and is doing in their lives.

I encourage believers to pray for God to supernaturally intervene in the political affairs of this state and our nation.

Here is a link to my recommendations for the 2018 Republican Primary Election: Rockwall County Precinct 2 Voter Guide 2018

For further understanding on the subject of the soul of America, read the George Barna report of February 15, 2018, on the subject of political affiliations and people of faith: THE ECONOMY AND DEFENSE SUSTAIN TRUMP’S EVANGELICAL SUPPORT

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Public Education in Texas – School Choice Represents Academic Freedom


In this 2018 season of political races, the candidates of senate district 2 (TX SD-2), the two candidates chiefly divide on the issue of School Choice. How do they compare?

  • Senator Bob Hall stands by the GOP Platform
  • Representative Cindy Burkett opposes it

Representative Burkett says she opposes School Choice because she wants accountability. Well, let’s look at the numbers.

School Choice is a major issue – specifically Item 147 Texas GOP 2016 Platform.

Senator Hall’s understanding of the School Choice issue aligns with the aforementioned Item 147 which states:

We believe that all children should have access to quality education. We support the right to choose public, private, charter, or home education. We support the distribution of educational funds in a manner that they follow the student to any school, whether public, private, charter, or home school through means of tax exemptions and/or credits.

Representative Burkett stridently opposes School Choice, as described in the GOP Platform. The Garland ISD is her preferred model for school choice. What form of school choice do the students in the Garland school district have? She boasts how any child can choose any public school in the Garland ISD.

Do you see the difference? She doesn’t get it.

Let’s do some school shopping.

Overall, Texas public schools rank 47th, fourth from the bottom of all 50 states. Is this acceptable to you, Ms. Burkett? Why would we not want our state to rank a little higher, like say Number One? Homeschool and private school graduates add value to the overall education of Texas students.

Here in Rockwall County, we have two school districts, Rockwall and Royse City. How do they compare to Garland ISD? For a fair comparison, I include the Greenville ISD ranking.

Texas School District Rankings
Updated Thursday, July 27, 2017, based on the 2016-17 school year test scores.
(To view rankings, open the above link and enter the district name in the search box on the righthand side.)
Rockwall County Schools Ranking 2016Garland ISD Ranking 2016Greenville ISD Ranking 2016
I talk a lot, some say. Well, it’s true. I also listen. Over the 30+ years of our Rockwall residency, enumerable parents have stated their number one reason for moving here: Rockwall Schools.

Both districts with Rockwall County rank very high, Rockwall ISD at 104, Royse City ISD at 201. Sadly, the district Ms. Burkett holds up as her gold standard ranks miserably down at 473.

We moved to Rockwall from Garland in 1987. The differences between Garland ISD and Rockwall ISD were to us like night and day. By the way, all four of our children graduated from Rockwall High School. My wife and I served as RHS Band Boosters and loved every minute of it. I am pleased to report that Rockwall High School remains a very good school and parents continue to move here for this reason.

Senator Bob Hall’s understanding of the School Choice issue precisely aligns with the GOP Platform that was approved by thousands of Texas delegates from 254 Texas counties.

Referring back to Item 147, “the right to choose” distills down to academic freedom.

Six of my grandchildren residing here in Rockwall County enjoy the freedom of homeschool. Not all families can homeschool because mom and dad both work outside the home.

Do you know there are six private schools in Rockwall County serving 671 children? Reference: PRIVATE SCHOOL REVIEW

School Districts, to their detriment, are big government political entities that fear a loss of revenue. One of the school lobbyists, a Rockwall resident, runs to unseat Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick who also follows the GOP Platform.

Let’s do a reality check: The majority of families in our county will continue to send their children to one of the two school districts and this is not a bad choice. However, here and across the Great State of Texas, there are families who want to be more than fourth from the bottom. For this reason, they choose either homeschools or privates schools.

Now to the money, the lobbyist and his clients think all tax dollars for public education is their money. Wrong. It’s OUR money.

Homeschools and Private Schools bring to the community a higher standard of education and academic freedom that contributes to the quality of life for all residents.

Senator Bob Hall
Promises made. Promises kept.


I know the facts. I researched the numbers. I advocate for academic freedom and academic competition. Academic freedom is but one reason why I endorse and support the re-election of Texas State Senator Bob Hall.

In Rockwall County, early voting runs from February 20 through March 2. Here is a schedule of all EARLY VOTING locations. Election Day is March 6.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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Rockwall County Precinct 2 Voter Guide 2018


It is permissible to print a copy of this voter guide and use it while marking your ballot.

Rockwall County will introduce the new voting system whereby we get the best of both electronic and paper voting.

There are no pre-printed ballots. Instead, you mark your own paper ballot using a touchscreen terminal which then prints your individual ballot. You then insert your printed ballot into the ballot reader.

If there is a recount, we will have a paper record to back up the votes. Rockwall County voters go to http://www.rockwallvotes.com for more information and to ascertain your eligibility to vote in the March Primary Election.

Rockwall County Precinct 2 2018 Voter Guide - Updated 2-6-2018 at 1920 hours
I recommend all propositions be voted YES.

Why Bob Hall is the Right Choice for Texas Senate District 2

BOB HALL FOR - CINDY BURKETT AGAINST - email graphicThe Hunt County GOP held a debate for GOP Primary candidates on Feb. 1. I extracted two video segments featuring Sen. Bob Hall and Rep. Cindy Burkett debating the issues of School Choice and Pro-Life. View this portion of the debate between Bob Hall and Cindy Burkett below.


Ms. Burkett’s idea of school choice is to limit choices between schools within a school district and she points to the Garland ISD for her example. She conflates charter schools with private schools, church schools, and home schools. It’s helpful to understand that charter schools have nothing to do with the School Choice issue; charter schools are public schools.

School Choice is Item #147 on the Texas State GOP Platform A which states:

We believe that all children should have access to quality education. We support the right to choose public, private, charter, or home education. We support the distribution of educational funds in a manner that they follow the student to any school, whether public, private, charter or home school through means of tax exemptions and/or credits.

Thousands of Texas delegates (including me) from 254 counties approved the platform. The platform serves as a standard by which Republican voters can evaluate lawmakers.

Rep. Burkett repeatedly uses the word “accountability” in her arguments AGAINST School Choice.

Senator Bob Hall points out the obvious, with respect to accountability. Of the 50 of these United States, Texas public schools rank 43rd, nationally. Texas families deserve the freedom to choose what is best for their children.

On the pro-life issue, both are in this camp, but Senator Hall is rated 100% pro-life whereas Rep. Burkett is rated 73%. I ask: can a woman be 73% pregnant?

Rep. Burkett fought the Shaeffer Amendment that would have protected ALL baby Texans in the womb by prohibiting late-term abortions. You can hear for yourself her justification for defeating this truly pro-life legislation.

View the entire 3-hour program from the Hunt County News YouTube channel via this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jjK6_jUpxU

Your advantage in this election is both lawmakers have voting records.

Pro-Life voting records via this link: https://www.texasrighttolife.com/texas-right-to-life-relea…/

Learn why the THSC says, Why Homeschoolers Should Oppose Cindy Burkett for Texas Senate“.

Be sure to register to vote. The last day to register to vote in the upcoming primary election is Monday, Feb. 5, 2018.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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Is Illegal Immigration a Criminal or Civil Matter?

A question of Civil v. Criminal Jurisprudence

If entering the United States without the permission of our government is illegal, why is it not a crime? The simple answer: the federal government treats all immigration matters under civil law except when it treats immigration matters under criminal law.

As teenagers say, “It’s complicated.” Ask a lawyer and the answer will be, “It all depends.”

Civil Law

Civil law is the body of laws of a state or nation regulating ordinary private matters, as distinct from laws regulating criminal, political, or military matters.1

It is a body of rules that delineate private rights and remedies, and govern disputes between individuals in such areas as contracts, property, and Family Law; distinct from criminal or public law. Civil law systems, which trace their roots to ancient Rome, are governed by doctrines developed and compiled by legal scholars. Legislators and administrators in civil law countries use these doctrines to fashion a code by which all legal controversies are decided.2

Criminal Law

Criminal law is a body of rules and statutes that defines conduct prohibited by the government because it threatens and harms public safety and welfare and that establishes punishment to be imposed for the commission of such acts.3

Criminal Law, as distinguished from civil law, is a system of laws concerned with [the] punishment of individuals who commit crimes. Thus, where, in a civil case, two individuals dispute their rights, a criminal prosecution involves the people as a whole deciding whether to punish an individual for his conduct or lack of conduct (i.e. omission). Just as the people decide what conduct to punish, so the people decide what punishment is appropriate. Accordingly, punishments vary with the severity of the offense—from a simple fine (e.g. for a traffic violation) to loss of freedom (e.g. for murder).4

Key Differences

The Burden of Proof – The burden of proof in civil litigation is lower for plaintiffs than the burden of proof is for prosecutors in a criminal case. A prosecutor has to prove a case against a defendant beyond a reasonable doubt. In a civil case, the standard is much lower.5

The Complexity of Law – Illegal aliens are “Any alien who enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers6 Illegal aliens are subject to both civil and criminal prosecutions.

Immigration Court vs. Criminal Court – Click on the image below for a video explanation from the Desert Sun.
the difference between immigration court and criminal court

My Opinion

The U.S. Constitution does not specifically address immigration. Therefore, throughout the early years of our republic, the states passed various and sundry laws that regulated immigration. In 1941, in the Hines v. Davidowitz, 312 U.S. 52 (1941) case, the Court found that Congress intended to completely occupy the immigration field with one all-embracing system. There, the Court held that the States lacked the authority to complement or to enforce additional regulations related to alien registration.8

Article I, Section 8 stipulates, “The Congress shall have Power … To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization…7

Because DACA fits nowhere within the definition of ‘uniform’ law, it is unconstitutional and contributes to the massive and complex backlog in the immigration courts.

DACA was created by the Barack Obama administration and is not a law passed by Congress. President Barack Obama had no authority whatsoever to make law, as per the Supremacy Clause in Article VI of the Constitution. President Donald Trump recognized the unconstitutionality of DACA and reversed the Obama executive order, giving Congress until March of 2018 to craft appropriate immigration law. Adding to the confusion, a federal judge, a Clinton appointee, in San Francisco, blocked this president and unconstitutionally declared DACA shall continue.8

A volatile conglomeration of unconstitutional decrees by Obama, unconstitutional rulings by federal district judges, and an extremist Democrat bloc of lawmakers hell-bent on defeating any and all initiatives of President Trump make for a perfect Constitutional crisis ‘perfect storm’.

Meanwhile, so-called DACA ‘dreamers’ and Democrat sympathizers take to the streets with angry fists aloft, demanding to be legalized using profane, uncivil language. Personally, I have no sympathy for people who demand anything from me. No doubt most of my fellow Americans think this way, also.

Apparently, no one, not even Democrat voters, can bring common sense order to the leftist congressional Democrat delegation. Therefore, the Republican Party bears the burden of providing high-quality candidates to replace the obstructionist Democrats in Congress.

Back to the question in the title: is illegal immigration a civil or criminal matter? The answer is yes, both. It should be one or the other, but it’s not. This is a problem only the lawmakers in Congress can solve.

If Republicans can hold the majority and add to it, a uniform immigration policy can be crafted. If not, the Democrat extremists will continue to erode the rule of law as the United States of America dissolves into a third-world morass of corruption and loss of liberty.

May God have mercy on America.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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State of the — Democrat Party?

My, how things have changed since I left the Democrat Party. And, the changes are best summed up in Democrat reactions to President Trump’s State of the Union speech this week.

Where President Barack Obama used the first-person singular pronoun ‘I’ exclusively, President Donald Trump used the first-person plural pronoun ‘we’.

What made the Democrat lawmakers scowl and flee the room and liberal media – Democrat sycophants – and the ACLU cringe? President Trump touted the many wonderful attributes of America, the United States thereof.

  • Unemployment is down, way down-
  • Millions of American workers are getting pay raises and substantial bonuses due to the President’s tax cuts
  • The stock market is hotter than it’s been since 21010
  • Trillions of U.S. capital are headed back to our shores
  • Factories are expanding, some relocating from China to the U.S.A.
  • Welfare is down, way down

During the State of the Union speech, Nancy Pelosi scowled, Luis Guttierez fled the room, the ACLU decries the President’s promotion of American values, and the liberal media gang, progenitors of #FakeNews attack the Chief Executive.

This is the consequence of changes in the Democrat Party leadership: The Democrats no longer represent the working people of America. That part would be better named the Socialist Party of America. Bernie Sanders openly admits his penchant for socialism while present Democrat Party leaders promote socialism while calling it something else.

Socialist governments don’t like prosperity because it weans the people off the government welfare tit. President Trump promotes and works to restore a free-market America where anyone willing to work can achieve the American dream.

The disastrous Affordable Care Act – ObamaCare – was a tool of the socialist to curtail our freedoms, likewise radical Democrat gun-control initiatives that would eviscerate the Second Amendment which exists to assure the American people will always have a measure of defense against tyrannical governments.

Thus my invitation to all traditional Democrat and independent voters to elect true representatives to Congress.

John White
Rockwall, Texas


The #SchumerShutdown – Holding the Union Hostage (a continuing saga?)

schumer holds federal government hostage over daca
Congressman Thomas Massie teaches Federal Budget 101 – Link to video on the congressman’s Facebook page.

It’s the law, but Congress doesn’t follow the law. The big hangup, the budgeting trap is the Senate filibuster rule whereby the majority is unable to function as a majority.

At present, Sen. Chuck Schumer is hell-bent on placing his party-building immigration overrides before a sound budget. This is why his if-I-don’t-get-what-I-want-I’ll-leave-a-scorched-earth tactic was called the #SchumerShutdown. Are we now on our way to a #SchumerShutdown number 2?

Oh, Sen. Schumer seemed to come to his senses and Republicans shouted “Victory!”. But that short-lived victory came to a screeching halt after a mob of DACA fans showed up at his home. [See story in The Blaze http://bit.ly/2E43v1X ]

The President pledged to build a border wall and he was the winning candidate for office. As is customary, and unlike career politicians, successful businessman Donald Trump is actually doing precisely what he promised the American people he would do.

America is doing extremely well because this president is acting to fulfill his promises. He has been under constant attack by the Democrats and RINOs from even before he was elected. The RINO attacks have subsided, but this relentless assault underway by deep-state Democrat operatives, if successful, will bring on a recession that will almost overnight become a global depression that will eclipse what we experienced in the Great Depression.

Perhaps that is the goal of the Democrat oligarchy. I have no inside information, just an educated guess. The downfall of this sitting president would collapse our economy, shutoff capital investments that drive the economy to historic heights. If such should happen, this nation will cease to exist as a bastion of freedom. There is no place to which we can seek refuge.

A former mayor of Rockwall said of the last recession that he acknowledged the ship of state was sinking, but “Rockwall is in the crow’s nest“. I remembered how, when the Titanic sank, the crow’s nest went to the bottom of the sea along with the rest of the ship.

It won’t just be hungry out-of-work Republicans looking for sustenance, hungry out-of-work Democrats will be standing in the same bread lines.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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