Rockwall County Transportation Planning at Work

Rockwall Isn’t ‘country’ anymore

Ava Gabor’s line in the Green Acres theme song was, “goodbye, city life”.

I propose a revision of that song for Rockwall County, something like “Hello, city life!”

Lots of folks have discovered how wonderful living is in Rockwall County.


Extraction from the Facebook Page of Rockwall County Judge David Sweet 8/19/2016

This was the column in the Rockwall Herald Banner last week addressing transportation improvements in Rockwall County….. (click on this link to the original article to read the full text)

Commissioner David Magness recently made the observation that Lake Ray Hubbard and Interstate 30 are extremely important to Rockwall County: We are defined by our beautiful lake – and if I-30 didn’t go through here, Rockwall County wouldn’t be what it is today.


…. TxDOT has announced plans to reconstruct I-30 through Rockwall County as the initial project for the planned upgrade of I-30 from downtown Dallas east to the state line.

I-30 currently carries approximately 100,000 vehicles per day into Rockwall and 50,000 vehicles per day through Fate and Royse City.

The project, which is estimated to cost $750 million, will have no toll components. The project will run from Bass Pro Drive eastward to FM 2642, which is just east of the Rockwall/Hunt County line. The highway will have four lanes each direction from Bass Pro Drive to SH 205 and will have three lane  frontage roads each direction across the lake. The project calls for three main lanes each direction from SH 205 eastward to FM 2642, with new one way  frontage roads across the county. The project scope includes a new westbound entrance ramp between Horizon and FM 740. A public meeting is expected to be held in November, and let date is projected for December 2021.

…..Currently under consideration is the potential to bring John King Blvd. up to state standards so it would become SH-205, thus taking it around the City of Rockwall and out of the center of our historic downtown. That would return Goliad Street, currently designated as SH-205, to the City of Rockwall.

The $200 million project would involve widening SH 205 from a two-lane rural to four lanes urban-divided with allowance for an ultimate six lanes. The project has been divided into two phases, with the southern phase running from SH 80 in Terrell to FM-549, and the northern phase from FM-549 to Lavon. The state is currently doing schematics and engineering for the project. Let date is anticipated to be February 2021.

Proposition 7, which was approved by voters in November 2015, is providing funding for work on these and other state road projects in our area and around the state.

We are proud that there is an incredible relationship between TxDOT and Rockwall County, and that we have worked together with officials from each city in Rockwall County to have a unified transportation plan. We’re also very proud of the vision and teamwork between the county and each one of its cities as we all act as one in prioritization of projects.

Over the next few months  the county will work with engineering firms for the projects and discuss phasing. I-30 must be a user friendly improvement project – that is a priority. We expect any economic impacts to be minimal.

These two major projects will make a positive impact on this wonderful county along with several other road projects also scheduled. If you are interested in learning about any or all of the projects, please go to the county website,, and follow the prompts to the road consortium.

My Two Cents

Widening of I-30 will be a mammoth project without which Rockwall will be strangled as dramatic increases in traffic flow bring tandem automobile collisions that send motorists scurrying to Rockwall streets.

Which transportation improvements benefit the people of Rockwall County? Answer: ALL of them, including the John King 205 bypass.

As our burgeoning population strains present roadways, let’s patiently endure roadway construction, keeping in mind the finished product and the manifold benefits of thoroughfares capable of handling high-volume traffic.

Looking beyond the widening of I-30, expect further transportation improvements that will come with the Outer Loop highway that will effectively bifurcate Rockwall County along a north-south route somewhere west of downtown Royse City.

I can think of no road construction that has ever happened without the naysayers resisting improvements. Personally, I am thankful for the long-range planning that keeps North Texas commerce and our people moving freely.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Life After Death – Science says ‘yes’

Life After Death - Scientific Proof.png
Don’t be so quick to pull the plug on grandpa! A scientific study confirms life after death.

“In a large-scale study of more than 2,000 people, British boffins confirmed that thoughts DO carry on after the heart stops.

The shock research has also uncovered the most convincing evidence of an out of body experience for a patient declared dead.

It had been believed the brain stopped all activity 30 seconds after the heart had stopped pumping blood around the body, and that with that, awareness ceases too.

However, the study from the University of Southampton shows people still experience awareness for up to three minutes after they had been pronounced dead.” Read more

27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

28 So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation. – Hebrews chapter 9

Global Warming? How is it Antarctica is under record ice coverage?

The ice is melting! The ice is melting!
As predictable as, well Summer in the northern hemisphere, the global-warming/climate-change histrionics arise. Summer brings forth reports of arctic ice and Greenland glaciers melting. Well, that’s what northern hemisphere glaciers and Arctic sea ice do when the weather warms: the ice melts.

The Obama administration has so politicized federal agencies as ‘propaganda ministries’ I scarce know where to start. But, let’s take into consideration a few facts.

First of all, reliable Arctic sea ice measurements have been ongoing only about 36 years. Second, the 2015 northern hemisphere winter turns global-warming claims on their heads. As reported by the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) , “On September 11, 2015, sea ice extent dropped to 4.41 million square kilometers (1.70 million square miles), the fourth lowest minimum in the satellite record.”

antarctica ice cover 2016.png
antarctica topography under the ice.png
Obama’s global-warming propagandizers continue to announce contradictory facts, touting a warming earth, but the record growth of global sea ice is indisputable.

There are scientists who predict an imminent ice age while naysayers deny any such thing. Those who foresee a new ice age enjoy a perspective tempered by history and solar sunspot activity.

Global warming alarmists have undergone a metamorphosis to now be known as climate change experts.

The earth’s geological record is replete with alternating warming and cooling trends. As winter follows summer, you can be sure we are heading toward a new ice age of indeterminate duration.

Scientific journals like Astronomy Now predict diminishing solar activity may bring new Ice Age by 2030. Political propagandists like deny genuine scientists, saying “No, the Earth Is Not Heading for a “Mini Ice Age”“.

We the American taxpayers spend billions of dollars for agencies like NOAA, NASA, and the EPA that are not working for our common good, but to support political aims of leftists who would destroy our democratic republic by nullifying our God-given natural rights that are protected by the Bill of Rights.

November 2016 elections draw nigh. Choose wisely, my friends.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Marriage 101

Marriage is more than a union of two people who love each other. Learn from the Bible the four meanings of the word love.

  • Eros – should be understood as love of the body. Erotic love. This word is so base that it appears not once in the Bible. The biblical word of the same meaning is lust, excitement of the mind, longing after, to reach out after, to covet. [Greek 3715, 3713, 3735]
  • Phileo – friendship or brotherly love, should be understood as love of the soul. [Greek 5368]
  • Agape – love which centers in moral preference. This is sacrificial love, as a parent has for children and as God has for his people. [Greek 28]
  • Philóstorgos – love of family, tenderly loving, to be kindly affectionate to someone. This unique word appears only once in Romans 12:10, kindly affectioned, genuine affection [Greek 5387]

God’s first command to mankind was to be fruitful and multiply. Since my earliest childhood, I understood the chief duty of a married couple is to reproduce, have babies, grow the population. This mission can only be carried out by the marriage of Adam and Eve. It cannot and does not work in a marriage of Adam and Steve.


Forget the polls – This is the only poll that matters

One poll shows Trump ahead and gaining. Another says Hillary has a substantial lead. What is one to make of this?
First and foremost, the only poll that matters is the outcome of the Electoral College. Yes, you get to cast a vote. No, your vote doesn’t directly elect a president.
2016 how the electoral college works
This method of selecting presidents requires the electoral college delegates of each state to cast votes for two candidates, as prescribed by Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution and as amended by the Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution.
2016 electoral college delegate map.png
Third-party candidates are inherently Quixotic. No third-party candidate has ever won. The founders intentionally designed the process called the Electoral College to prevent chaotic instability as happen in countries with parliamentary governments.
Learn how the Electoral College works via this official link
So, you may ask, why vote for president if my vote does not directly elect a president? It is the aggregate of your votes that influence delegates. Neither the Constitution nor a federal law requires electors to follow the majority of your state’s vote. Learn more via this official link
Each and every vote cast for president is important because it influences your state’s electors.
Over time some, generally Democrats, clamor for a popular vote. What’s the downside to the popular vote? Tyranny of the more populous states.
The Electoral College provides a balance between individual votes and the sovereignty of the separate states.
Register. Learn about the candidates. Peer back into history. Consider the consequences of past elections. Then vote as though your life depends on it. It does.
John White
Rockwall, Texas

Call for Congress to Investigate EEOC Racism – Open Letter to Cong. John Ratcliffe

Congressman John Ratcliffe
6531 Horizon Road
Suite A
Rockwall, TX 75032


In recent days the EEOC decided that exhibition of the Gadsden Flag is a racist act.

gadsden flag
Click here for history of this flag

According to an article in The Washington Times, the EEOC is “gathering information to determine whether the iconic Gadsden flag is racist and punishable under federal workplace harassment regulations.”  Continue reading

Memo to a Founder of La Raza Unida: Defenders of the Alamo were not drunks and crooks

Were the defenders of the Alamo ‘“a bunch of drunks and crooks and slaveholding imperialists who conquered land that didn’t belong to them”?
Well, the mother of Democrat twin politicians Julian and Joaquin Castro thinks so, as reported by on September 05, 2012.
In a sense, there are a few similarities between the Texas Revolution and the Great Civil War, in that family members fought on opposing sides. Take, for instance, José Gregorio Esparza, also known as Gregorio Esparza, the last Texan defender to enter the Alamo before the Mexican siege began.
I quote from Traces of Texas:
“José Gregorio Esparza, also known as Gregorio Esparza, was the last Texan defender to enter the Alamo before the Mexican siege began and his was the only Texian body that was not burned in the pyres in the aftermath of the Mexican victory. After the battle, one of the Mexican soldiers, Francisco Esparza, began searching for the body of his brother, Jose Gregorio, who had fought on the side of the Texians. When he found his brother’s body, Francisco and his widowed sister-in-law went to Santa Anna and begged permission to give Jose Gregorio a proper Christian burial. Permission was granted, and Jose Gregorio was buried in the Campo Santo cemetery in San Antonio. Incidentally, Jose Gregorio brought his family along with him when he entered the Alamo compound. They were able to survive the battle and were not executed by the conquering army.”
Tejanos who fought for Texas independence from the tyrannical Mexican government include such luminaries as Jose Antonio Navarro, Juan Seguín, Juan Abamillo, José María Arocha, Simon Arreola, Anselmo Bergara, Cesario Carmona, Antonio Cruz y Arocha, Matias Curvier, Alexandro De la Garza, Manuel N. Flores, Salvador Flores, Antonio Fuentes, Ignacio Gurrea, Brigido Guerrero, Damacio Jiménez, Toribio Losoya, Antonio Menchaca, Andrés Nava, Ambrosio Rodriguez, Guadalupe Rodriquez, Silvero, and Vicente Zepeda. All but a few of these Tejanos listed perished at the Alamo.
Did new Anglo immigrants enter Texas and take over cities and lands from Tejanos? Yes, but those misdeeds must not negate the valiant Tejanos who fought and died right along with Davy Crocket and Willam Travis. Our Tejano brethren were not drunks and crooks. They were men who cherished freedom from tyranny and were willing to take a stand against it for the sake of their families, their friends and their neighbors.
The defenders of the Alamo were selfless heroes to whom we Texans today owe our gratitude and respect.
Que Dios bendiga a Texas.
John White
Rockwall, Texas