History and Facts behind HB375 Constitutional Carry

What are the facts around Constitutional Carry bill HB375? This video lays out a clear and cogent argument to pass this bill.

Texas is a grassroots population that makes good choices when given good information.

Contact state lawmakers to urge them to support Constitutional Carry legislation introduced by State Representative Jonathan Stickland.

Texas State Senator Bob Hall (SD-2) official email http://bit.ly/2j0eylG

Texas State Representative Justin Holland (HD-33) official email http://bit.ly/2jmd4Rc

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick official email http://bit.ly/1FqCkYL

Speaker Joe Straus official email http://bit.ly/2j6litb

Open Letter to Cong. John Ratcliffe: It’s time to restore respect for authority

UPDATE 1/7/2017 – 

GOP Representative Pulls Down Anti-Cop Painting, Returns to Democrat

Honorable John Ratcliffe
Representative, Fourth Congressional Dist. of Texas
6531 Horizon Road
Suite A
Rockwall, TX

Subject: Death of police officers due to loss of respect for authority

One news source reports the deaths of 135 law enforcement officers in 2016, killed while in the line of duty. Sixty-five were fatally shot; twenty-one by ambush.

I learn this morning about a painting hanging on the walls of the tunnel between the U.S. Capitol building and Longworth House Office Building. The painting shown below depicts a policeman as pig shooting a black man with his hands up.

policeman shown as pig shooting black man.png
According to a press release by Congressman William Lacy Clay (D-MO CD1), “Tonight, we are celebrating our sixteenth year of recognizing outstanding young artistic talent. As you can see from the artwork on display here, the level of talent is truly impressive. Your work is inspiring, and I encourage all of you to continue to develop your creative abilities.

The debate about the differences between art and pornography. Allow me this distinction.

Pornography stimulates the baser instincts of individuals; instincts that will not be satisfied by that alone.  Art engenders admiration for … glory and beauty, and thus the glory of [our] Maker. (Source: Ravi Zacharias)

The above painting is pornographic because it engenders rebellion against lawful authority, instead of promoting the divine benefits of obedience to lawful authorities.

I call on you to demand this painting be removed right away.

After January 20, 2017, we will have a new ‘sheriff’ in town and he has his work cut out to #DrainTheSwamp and restore respect for authority.


John White
Rockwall, Texas

Globalism vs Nationalism – The Immigration Quagmire

Why does Barack Obama strive to flood our nation with unvetted, unemployed immigrants? Speculation ranges from “he cares for the poor” to “he wants to destroy Christians and Jews”. For the moment, let’s assume he cares for the poor.

How will a flood of immigrants improve their lot? View the following video to gain perspective on immigration by the numbers.

Barack Obama decries the notion of American exceptionalism. What does it mean to be exceptional? On-line dictionary WordReference.com defines exceptional: forming an exception or rare instance; unusual; out of the ordinary. Another on-line dictionary defines exceptionalism: a theory that a nation, region, or political system is exceptional and does not conform to the norm.

America is a nation that does not conform to the norm. Our unusual nation is most certainly out of the ordinary. The United States of America is the only country on the face of the earth where the head of government isn’t a tyrant, monarchy, or benevolent dictator. All power is vested in the people.

Perhaps you have had an opportunity to visit another country. My own travels have taken me to China, the Philippines, El Salvador, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, and Canada. None compare to this great country. America is the number one destination for oppressed people throughout the world.

I met Muslim Background Believer (MBB), the Reverend Karim Baidaoui, missionary to Muslims, at a Gospel for Muslims meeting here in Dallas. Responding to a question on why

Rev. Karim Baidaoui Lutheran Heritage Foundation

Muslims are coming to America he answered, “God is bringing them here because we are not going there.”

Globalists are people who have the attitude or policy of placing the interests of the entire world above those of individual nations. The ranks of globalists living in our country include Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg. Others often accused of globalism are, I believe, dupes, useful idiots.

In general, Ameican globalists put other nations before our own. They wish to ‘level the playing field’ to stamp out poverty. They wish this for everyone except themselves.

Why is America so rich and the rest of the world so poor? The answer is in the Bible.

  • Proverbs 10:22 “The blessing of the Lord makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.”

  • Genesis 12:3 “I will bless those who bless you [Israel] and curse those who treat you with contempt. All the families on earth will be blessed through you [Israel].”

The USA is a friend to Israel. Except for most of the Democrat party, Israel enjoys broad support here in America. Like Israel, our nation was founded on faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – the Bible.

Back to the poverty issue, Americans have been providing funds, education, medical aid, military aid, and other relief to impoverished nations worldwide. Our missionaries continue to empower oppressed, impoverished people everywhere.

What are the globalists doing to us? Globalists wish to level that playing field. It may seem counter-intuitive that wealthy globalists attack capitalism as they push a socialist agenda. I perceive self-deception and godless values. George Soros exposed his hypocrisy in a 60 Minutes interview: He lobbies for more regulation of hedge funds registered in this country, but his own hedge fund operates out of the Netherlands to avoid SEC regulations.

winston-churchill-socialism-quoteI view globalism as large-scale socialism. What is the difference between capitalism and socialism? Capitalism is the natural exchange of goods and services among a free people. Socialism is an unproven economic theory not practiced by those in authority.

Don’t confuse socialism with communism, two distinctly different ideologies.

Globalists view the world through a socialist prism. They want the entire world on the same economic  plane, except for themselves.

What’s the cure? How do we defend ourselves from the globalists? The answer is simple: have faith in God. Read and study the Bible and American history.

First and foremost: The United States of America is not a Christian nation because Christianity is not the state religion. We have no state-established religion, except what I characterize as “practical atheism” created by liberal Supreme Court justices.

Biblical, true, Christianity is not coercive. To believe on the Lord Jesus Christ is a free choice. Not all our founding fathers were Christians, but the majority were. 29 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence held what today would be considered seminary degrees. The least religious founding fathers openly expressed a belief in and accountability to God.

Throughout the presidency of Barack Obama, we have been dragged into a political and spiritual quagmire from which we shall not so easily extract ourselves without the help of God.

My plan of action includes several elements. One is to remember who I am, a son of God, a joint-heir with Jesus Christ, someone with a mandate to communicate the good news of the Kingdom of God to unbelieving immigrants that land on our shores. I purpose to daily repent of my sins before God. A drowning man cannot save another drowning man.

In a later posting, I will be discussing the moral hierarchy.  For now, think of yourself as a traveler, like an airline passenger. The flight attendant instructs us to FIRST put on our own oxygen mask before assisting others. This isn’t selfishness; it’s common sense. If you as an airline passenger went about assisting others with their oxygen masks with the intention of applying yours later, you will perish. What good are you to others if you are dead?

Globalists want us to help the rest of the world with their ‘oxygen masks’ before we put on our own. Can you see the peril of this thinking?

Let’s elect leaders who will put America first so we can continue to come to the aid of impoverished and oppressed people throughout the world.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

President Donald Trump: father, businessman, a man acquainted with grief

family of donald trump.png
Trump Family

Several religious (Christian and Jewish) foretold a Trump presidency based on Isaiah 45:1-6 NLT

  1. This is what the Lord says to Cyrus, his anointed one, whose right hand he will empower. Before him, mighty kings will be paralyzed with fear. Their fortress gates will be opened, never to shut again.
  2. This is what the Lord says: “I will go before you, Cyrus, and level the mountains. I will smash down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron.
  3. And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness—secret riches. I will do this so you may know that I am the Lordthe God of Israel, the one who calls you by name. 
  4. “And why have I called you for this work? Why did I call you by name when you did not know me? It is for the sake of Jacob my servant, Israel my chosen one. 
  5. I am the Lord; there is no other God. I have equipped you for battle, though you don’t even know me, 
  6. so all the world from east to west will know there is no other God. I am the Lord, and there is no other.

God used two powerful men to correct Israel and Judah, and God called the two his servants. The first, Nebuchadnezzar was used to capture the Jews and take them captive to Babylon. Cyrus, the second, was used to defeat Babylon and return the Jews and the temple utensils to Jerusalem.

Contemporary religious leaders see Trump as a type of Cyrus.

Stay tuned, folks!

John White

Rockwall, Texas

The Electoral College – Origin and Objective

Subsequent to the 2016 general elections out of which businessman Donald Trump will be our 45th president, the usual and customary calls for the abolition of the Electoral College arise.

Authority of the Electoral College

U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1, as amended by the 12th Amendment, defines the role of the Electoral College.

A university student explains why the Electoral College works for America. [Source: The Daily Signal Facebook  Page]

As the young gentleman says, unlike Sweden, Denmark or Iceland, ours is a highly diverse union of sovereign states. Our nation is a conglomerate of 50 sovereign states and 16 territories of which 5 are inhabited (Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and American Samoa). And, there is the District of Columbia.

Our form of federal government is a republic, a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them.

The Principle of Significance

The chief difference between a democracy and a republic is individual significance. Allow the following analog.

Before ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment on April 8, 1913, U.S. senators  were chosen by state legislators. Had this amendment not modified Article I, section 3, today our two U.S. senators would be accountable to 181 Texans, legislators. Subsequent to ratification of this amendment, Senator John Cornyn is now accountable to 27,000,000 Texans. In his circle of influence, we citizens of Texas have no influence. The lobbyists and power brokers in Washington, D.C. influence our senior senator.

Learn more about your significance: The Principle of Significance.

How we got the Electoral College

“The Founders did not want the public to directly elect the President, since previous experiments in direct elections at the state level had reinforced the conclusion that pure democracy was too dangerous. But the founders didn’t want Congress to elect the President either, because that would lead to “cabal faction & violence.” So the idea was adopted of having influential or “notable” community leaders that were not in Congress as Electors, with the people voting for these Electors because they believed they had good judgment.” – Excerpt by Delancy Place from The First Presidential Contest by Jeffrey Pasley

Read more on the Delancey website.

The Benefit of the Electoral College

Were the Electoral College eliminated in favor of electing presidents by popular vote, then liberal bastions like California and New York state would be choosing presidents who would promote policies favored by residents of those liberal states.

Learn about the tyranny of the majority from Prager University.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Pause for Thanksgiving in the month of Thanksgiving

second chance ahead.png

The Bible is replete with historical ‘second chances’ God granted Israel. Numerous spiritual templates in the Bible serve to guide us. A template found in Isaiah chapter 45 applies, I believe, to our present situation.

“This is what the Lord says to Cyrus, his anointed one, whose right hand he will empower. Before him, mighty kings will be paralyzed with fear. Their fortress gates will be opened, never to shut again. This is what the Lord says: “I will go before you, Cyrus, and level the mountains. I will smash down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness—secret riches.

I will do this so you may know that I am the Lord the God of Israel, the one who calls you by name. “And why have I called you for this work? Why did I call you by name when you did not know me? It is for the sake of Jacob my servant, Israel my chosen one. I am the Lord there is no other God. I have equipped you for battle, though you don’t even know me, so all the world from east to west will know there is no other God.” – Isaiah 45:1-5 NLT

As it is written in Amos 3:7, “Indeed the Sovereign Lord never does anything until he reveals his plans to his servants the prophets.”

God revealed his plans to Lance Wallnau and to Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson. No doubt he also revealed his plans to pastors Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas and Robert Morris of Gateway Church in Southlake.

There are many facets to God’s handiwork. Here are two to consider.

  1. Israel is God’s chosen people. This isn’t my idea; it’s something God plainly says.
  2. These United States of America is the only nation on the face of the earth committed to the peace and safety of the land of Israel.

What God is doing by raising up Donald Trump to be our president isn’t directly about restoring America’s greatness. His plan is to use us to protect and serve the interests of God within the land of Israel.

I suppose a simple way to express my point is this: It ain’t about you or me. It’s all about God’s Kingdom. Capice?

Trump’s win doesn’t give license to live sinfully without consequences. Trump’s win is a sign God is allowing us a second chance. Perhaps this election marks the beginning of another ‘great awakening’.

Your opportunity is to move out of ‘pablum’ Christianity by becoming a serious student of God’s Holy Word, the Bible, the operating instructions for mankind.

A good starting point is giving thanks to God. Let this month of Thanksgiving become more than turkey and dressing. It is my prayer this month marks the time when Americans renew the spirit of thanksgiving that was born this month, 395 years ago in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Brazil Veers Right – Is America to Follow?

In 2008, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) invited my wife and me to a harvest weekend following a two-year evangelism project called the Minha Esperança (My Hope) campaign.


The election of this evangelical pastor was no accident. His election is the fruit of people of faith laboring in a field ‘white unto harvest’.

BGEA was able to unite 52,072 churches representative of 11 denominations and train and mobilize 843,320 lares Mateus (Matthew homes) that hosted three nights of televised broadcasts. Frances and I attended three different home meetings in Baptist, Methodist and Charismatic homes. The Charismatic church’s population doubled in one weekend as spiritual hunger moved people to something real.

Brazilians were following socialism, hoping for a better life. The end of socialism has been disastrous for them.

According to Gospel+, a Brazilian Christian publication published the following year, “More than 340,000 people decided to follow Jesus after watching the three programs.” [Original article in Portuguese http://ow.ly/nfJV305GKPG]

Availble from Amazon.com

Brazil is very much like Texas. The Sao Paulo metroplex has over 33 million residents (Texas has 28 million). Starbucks, Gallerias, and so much more would make you feel right at home.

ObamaCare, aka HillaryCare, is a ‘loss-leader’ in the personal satisfaction marketplace. Socialism will forever be an economic theory because it has never been and can never be proven.

However, Christianity is a proven path to fulfillment, hope, and personal satisfaction. It was upon the principles of Christianity that our nation was founded and these principles have sustained us. At least up to this point in time.

Donald Trump’s campaign has excited millions of Americans and he will most probably become our next president. So, I have to ask, is Mr. Trump our savior? Can he extricate us from the inevitable bankruptcy of socialistic policies? I say, no.

Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”

As it was thousands of years ago in ancient Israel, King Ahab’s time of rule was marked by sin and immorality, much as our beloved America is today. As atheism, homosexuality, and lawless government are the rule and not the exception. Then as now, the prophets of God are scorned by religious leaders across this land.

I see a change coming our way, change in my own life and changes in the lives of my fellow Americans.

God’s Spirit is behind the rebirth of Christianity in Latin America, not government policies. If America is to survive, We the People of the United States of America must look also to God’s Holy Spirit for guidance.

As it is written, “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own but will tell you what he has heard. He will tell you about the future.” (words of Jesus, John 16:13) And, “For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God.” (words of the Apostle Paul, Romans 8:14)

How can you know experientially that Jesus, the Spirit of God, is working in you? Philippians 2:13 says, “For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.” Simple one-word phenomenon: Grace.

While I am thankful Americans have seen the failures of socialism and false ‘hope and change’, it is my hope that we will be looking to the Author of Life as our hope.

Perhaps there will be a new book written in the near future titled, “The Rebirth of North American Christianity”

John White
Rockwall, Texas