ACLU continues its assault on commonsense legislation crafted to protect vulnerable women and children

In an email today, the ACLU says, “North Carolina should truly repeal its unjust HB2 law that permits discrimination against LGBT people — and we’re calling on the NCAA to refuse to allow championship games to take place in NC until that happens.”

What’s wrong with the above ACLU complaint? Let’s do a little reality check.

ACLU and the LGBTQ-Whatever Confusion

While the left’s popular euphemism for homosexuality is the acronym LGBTQ, homosexuality remains a same-sex attraction.

Here’s the fun part. Are you ready, ACLU?

Men who are afflicted with same-sex attraction have no interest in the invasion of women’s restrooms, dressing rooms, and gymnasium showers. Homosexual men prefer men. Is this too deep for you? I’ll pull back and elaborate somewhat.

Women with same-sex attraction are not interested in men. Like homosexual men, they have no interest in the invasion of men’s restrooms, dressing rooms, and gymnasium showers. Does this help?

The North Carolina HB2, like a similar bill before the Texas Legislature, was crafted to protect vulnerable women and children from sexual predators, guys who wish to walk into women’s restrooms, dressing rooms, and gymnasium showers with impunity. These heterosexual males are perverts and creeps who are generally unwelcome in the aforesaid facilities reserved for women and young children.

I know, I know. I’ve written some facts about life that challenge your baseless complaints, but you will eventually gain understanding (aka common sense) if you re-read the above several times, clicking your heels together while repeatedly saying, “I’m not in the women’s restroom. I’m not in the women’s restroom. I’m not in the women’s restroom.”

Read from the Austin Statesman: Gov. Abbott says he wants to sign a transgender bathroom bill

School Bond Elections: The way it’s supposed to work

2 November 2015 AD

Hint: This is NOT the way it's supposed to work
Hint: This is NOT the way it’s supposed to work

1) District administration works up a “wish list” of items for which taxpayers are asked to fund.

2) Taxpayers vote to tell them what they can have.

You can relate to a family in which the children go to parents requesting things they absolutely must have, “essential” wants.

Parents consider what the children want and decide what is practical to pay for.

In 2007, the pattern changed. Then and now, the district tells the taxpayer “parents” what they will pay for. Period.

Imagine the same thing happening in your family, if your children came to you to tell you what you will involuntarily spend your hard-earned money on.

Since the 2007 $198,000,000 bond election Rockwall Taxpayers have become the superintendent’s “milk cow”.

This 2015 bond election has no choices but take-it-or-leave-it. The superintendent has cleverly used our tax dollars for flashy marketing materials and late-night “rolling polling” that targets the socker moms and dads.

I urge you to vote AGAINST the 2015 Rockwall ISD bond proposition which should come back next year with CHOICES for which we can approve or disapprove.

November 3 is Election Day. Polls open 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Find your polling place in the list below.


John White
29-year Resident of Rockwall
Father of four RHS alumni
Local business owner
Senior Citizen & taxpayer

RISD Quarter-Billion Dollar Bond Election – Early Voting Begins Monday 10/19/2015

School Facts

Rockwall ISD ranks number 81 in student body size.

Rockwall ISD ranks 89 percentile for student achievement.

Rockwall ISD does not merit “Post Secondary Distinction”, according to the Texas Education Agency.

House Bill 5 (83rd Texas Legislature, 2013) requires that additional postsecondary readiness indicators are evaluated for state accountability and distinction designations beginning with the 2013-14 school year.

I notice that the Los Fresnos ISD does merit “Post Secondary Distinction”. What’s so significant about the Los Fresnos school district? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the racial makeup of the city of Rockwall is 72.7% white to 16.6% Hispanic and the city of Los Fresnos is 11.1% white and 88.2% Hispanic. Los Fresnos, a small town just north of Brownsville is not the wealthiest town in Texas by any means, but its school district enjoys a “Post Secondary Distinction” absent from Rockwall ISD. Reference: TEA Dept. of Assessment and Accountability year ending 2014

Superintendent Jeff Bailey last weekend boasted “We’re number 77”, according to some unspecified ranking system. I remember Avis Car Rental boasting, “We’re number two, but we try harder.” Avis’ boast was reasonable. So, our superintendent boasts that we rank 77th in Texas?

Rockwall ISD total disbursements per student for 2014-2015 school year was $9,767 [Ref: TEA Report] while Los Fresnos disbursements were $10,599 per student [Ref: TEA Report]. An interesting factor is a difference in debt service between Rockwall and Los Fresnos. Rockwall debt service per student is right now almost FOUR TIMES that of Los Fresnos.

Rockwall ISD Disbursements 2014-2015 School Year
Rockwall ISD Disbursements 2014-2015 School Year


Los Fresnos ISD Disbursements 2014-2015 School Year
Los Fresnos ISD Disbursements 2014-2015 School Year

On the bright side of things, if a simple majority Rockwall ISD voters approve this quarter-billion-dollar bond proposition, perhaps our superintendent will be able to boast, “We’re number ONE! We’re number ONE!”

One friend, Tom Galli, whose budget skills I greatly respect pegs cost of this bond election over the life of the bond program in excess of $726,000,000 (three-quarter billion dollars). Another friend, Professor Paolucci, who has made his fortune through an understanding of finance, banking, and accounting, says his calculations project a $1,200,000,000 (one billion, 200 million dollars) lifetime cost to Rockwall ISD taxpayers.


  • There will be no economic collapse (despite history and expert outlooks)
  • The US dollar will forever be the world’s reserve currency (despite other countries moving toward a different reserve currency)
  • No inflation and no deflation (despite the Fed’s inability to influence the economy one way or another)
  • Property values will continue to rise (despite housing reports of record foreclosures across America, a harbinger of the next housing crisis)
  • No mortgage foreclosures (despite housing reports of record foreclosures across America, a harbinger of the next housing crisis)

This is the second Rockwall ISD bond election in which we the taxpayers do not have choices. Take-it-or-leave-it is not a choice. Choices inherently involve two or more.

I will be voting AGAINST (EN CONTRA) this bond proposal. Our Rockwall ISD trustees failed to properly represent the people who put them in office. Let’s demand this bond election come back next year with accountability and choices.

Leaving you on an optimistic note, I join with Superintendent Bailey to chant, “We’re number 77! We’re number 77! We’re number 77!” Gosh! Just think, in a couple years perhaps we can boast “We’re number 125! We’re number 125! We’re number 125!” as we lay off teachers and staff to balance the budget. Got to pay off those bonds, don’t you know.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Rockwall ISD 2015 Bond Election – A Dickens of a Tale of Two Cities

Here It Is - Take It Or Leave It (click for full size image)
Here It Is – Take It Or Leave It (click for full-size image)

7 October 2015 AD – 24 Tishrei 5776

Rockwall ISD administrators, the board of trustees and even the Chamber of Commerce eagerly promote the largest bond election in the history of our school district.

What do you know about our economic outlook?

Today’s headlines warn, “THE TIDE TURNS”

From the Wall Street Journal: “Once the Biggest Buyer, China Starts Dumping U.S. Government Debt”


“Central banks around the world are selling U.S. government bonds at the fastest pace on record, the most dramatic shift in the $12.8 trillion Treasury market since the financial crisis.

“Sales by China, Russia, Brazil and Taiwan are the latest sign of an emerging-markets slowdown that is threatening to spill over into the U.S. economy. Previously, all four were large purchasers of U.S. debt.”

From CNN Money: “China is dumping U.S. debt”


“China owned $1.3 trillion of U.S. Treasuries as of June, making it the biggest holder of U.S. debt.

“But China’s foreign-exchange reserves plunged by a record $94 billion in August, according to the country’s central bank, leaving it with a war chest of $3.6 trillion. Analysts say it’s very safe to believe a big chunk of that decline occurred due to a reduction in U.S. Treasury holdings.”

From Barron’s Up And Down Wall Street: “China’s Sale of U.S. Debt — Beginning of the End?”


“The dollar’s share of China’s huge cache of currency reserves has been slashed to a record low, the Wall Street Journal reports, to which it adds the world hasn’t ended as a result.”

“But more recent Treasury data show China has been selling Treasuries outright. And while the markets have been complacent to the point of snarkiness, MacroMavens’ Stephanie Pomboy thinks that’s wrong. Unlike other Cassandras, she’s been right in her warnings — notably in the middle of the last decade that the U.S. financial system was dangerously exposed to a bubble in U.S. real estate. Hers was a lonely voice then because everybody knew, of course, house prices always rose.”

Tale of One City

What’s to sweat. After all, as we all know very well hordes of out of state people flock to little ole Rockwall County day by day, hour by hour and housing prices always go up? Right, my real estate broker and agent readers?

Allow this old man to tell you a tale of a major city, a Texas city, that enjoyed meteroic rises in property values and a construction boom beyond imagination. Commercial office construction underway in that fabled city was equivalent to all the office space in Atlanta, GA TIMES THREE!

My associates and I enjoyed what seemed to be an endless source of the construction business. Prosperity was at fevered pitch. Executives took to helicopters to get from their respective office towers to airports. At any time of day, easily a dozen of the whirlygigs over my head. It was truly amazing. Until.

As suddenly as the boom started, it stopped. Residents, workers, professionals – all trades – took flight at an estimated rate of 2,000 a day moving away. As business dwindled to a grinding halt, I visited one brand new office tower of over 30 stories on Southwest Freeway (Highway 59) to find a simple “FOR SALE” sign on the padlocked front door. It was a sign you can buy in any hardware store. With a telephone number in black marker. Just like that.

That city I describe above is Houston, Texas.

Tale of Another City

Once upon a time there was a quaint little lakeside city that almost overnight transformed from a bedroom community to a bustling industrial and commercial center. Shoppers from as much as one hundred miles away began swarming to this lakeside city to purchase cars, wholesale lots of food at a COSTCO and to dine at an astonishing array of restaurants featuring food of all kinds. It was truly amazing.

Optimistic planners looked around and said to themselves, “My oh my. Look what we have here!” Those planners set out to provide all manner of services and amenities to satisfy the expected hordes of newcomers. How could such a bounty ever end?

This second city is my town. Rockwall, Texas.

Truth About Economic Booms – They Always Bust

There are historic, natural seven-year and fifty-year cycles. Soviet economist Nikolai Kondratiev discovered it between the years 1923 and 1925. Subsequently, he published his findings known today as The Longwave Principle and the Kondratiev Wave or K-Wave. Not enough?

Let’s look to the oldest writings on earth that described a seven-year/fifty-year economic cycle. Moses recorded this economic cycle in Leviticus Chapter 25. According to Biblical scholars, we just ended the “seven Sabbaths of years” in September. This is the fiftieth year, the year of Jubilee.”

What happened seven years ago? That housing bubble burst. Housing started all over again as it naturally does and today we are probably at the pinnacle of this housing bubble driven by ultra-low interest rates.

What’s My Interest?

Personally, RISD property tax hikes don’t affect me, because of my senior citizen status. My taxes are frozen. It’s for the youth and young families like my own children and grandchildren who live in this district that I do my research and publish warnings.

This bond election, as it was with the last when a real estate broker led the committee, offers no choices to voters. Yes, the tendency is for our folks to vote for any new school construction, but they would oppose much of this bond proposition if they knew more details.

At this point, I encourage voters to Against (En Contra). Let’s demand an accounting and let’s demand more choices. That courthouse on the highway was built contrary to the will of the voters. The natatorium (aka aquatic center) was voted down as a stand-alone proposition, but in the subsequent 2007 election, we no longer had choices. Well, we had one choice: take it or leave it.

We can have the election next year with a new management team and choices we deserve. There is ample unspent bond authority from the last election to fund immediate needs of the district.

Thank you,
John White
Rockwall, Texas

I welcome your comments. Use this convenient form below.

Rockwall ISD Teaches ‘Diversity’?

28 April 2015

Rockwall ISD celebrates and encourages ‘diversity’. Diversity Leadership Award Winners for 2015 Our school district didn’t start this this year. It’s been going on a while.

Is this good for our Rockwall ISD students? What does it mean? What’s behind it?

di•verse /dɪˈvɝs, daɪ-/ adj. 

  1. of a different kind, form, or character:diverse ideas on how to raise children.
  2. of various kinds or forms:She has diverse interests: dogs, music, reading, gymnastics.

In 1964, Texas and Tennessee led the south in integration of public schools. Between 1964 and 1865 we in the white schools were made to believe blacks had “separate but equal” schools and facilities – this was untrue. Today, US public schools are fully integrated, but there is a move afoot to undue a half-century of progress.

e pluribus unumLatin

  1. out of many, one (motto of the U.S.).
  2. A motto of the United States; Latin for “Out of many, one.” It refers to the Union formed by the separate states. E pluribus unum was adopted as national motto in 1776 and is now found on the Great Seal of the United States and on United States currency.
USA National Seal
USA National Seal

I remember well when my hometown school district integrated in 1964. From the first day of school through a couple weeks or so I waited for all the bad things to happen that were told me would happen, when blacks came to our schools.What happened? Nothing. Nada. Zero, at least nothing bad.

What happened that was good? Well for starters Palacios ISD High School “Fighting Sharks” went all the way to become 1964 AA State Football Champion. Would such a fete have been possible without the athletic prowess of Jerry Haynes and other new ‘Sharks’? Not in a million years. I and several of my class of ’66 were at Jerry’s funeral to honor him a couple years ago. We didn’t have to do it. We wanted to do it. Was our intention to “look good”? By no means. We are self-confident lot that needs no artificial props. We did it because we truly respected and loved Jerry Haynes.

Full and complete integration didn’t happen overnight. In fact, integration continues to this day. Well, at least I hope it will continue. Why do I worry it won’t?

Liberal progressives have successfully incorporated “diversity training” into practically all public school systems across the country. What is “diversity training” and for what purpose do schools promote it? Let’s look at Emory University for a concise answer.

The purpose of the Diversity Education Program is to increase awareness and acceptance of diversity. This program focuses on enhancing individual’s understanding of their own identity and culture; expanding knowledge of other cultures and identities; promoting involvement in diverse activities and communication with other cultures; raising awareness about social issues and injustices; and developing culturally competent leaders within the campus community.

What is culture, in context with public school programs?

culture /ˈkʌltʃəʳ/

  1. a particular form or stage of civilization, such as that of a nation or period

Questions come to mind, with respect to black Americans descended from those imported to this country for purposes of slave labor.

Which culture shall we select for the celebration? Let’s restrict this posting to one: African-American.

  • Which are descendants of the cliff-dwelling cultures of the Dogon and the Senufo people? If Dogon-ites, perhaps celebrate the legend that a snake led them to the cliff at the southern end of the plateau, where they overwhelmed and usurped the local Tellem and Niongom populations.
  • Know we from which tribes of the Yoruba faith come our Rockwall ISD students? If helpful, let’s identify the specific African countries in which the Yoruba live: Nigeria, Togo and Benin.

According to Michigan State University, people within this region of western Africa speak hundreds of different languages, practice various religions, have many histories and traditions, and earn a living in a number of different ways.

Conclusion: there is no singular, homogeneous western African culture. May I point out the not-so-obvious? Are you ready for this? Africa is not a country. It’s a continent, second largest on planet earth with a land mass of 11,670,000 square miles. How big is the continent of Africa? It has an equivalent land mass of the sum of the USA, China, India and most of the European continent.

The United States of America is a country, not a continent, with a gross land mass of 3,705,407.

As a continent, Africa has hundreds of languages, hundreds of cultures and innumerable religions. In contrast, as a country, the United States of America has one unique language: American English. It’s not the “official language”. It’s the language of commerce, education and government.

Back to the matter of teaching Rockwall ISD students ‘diversity’: Diversity training is simply reverse integration.

In some places here in America, students are and have been prohibited from celebrating American culture because it might offend someone. Don’t believe me? It’s happened and happening at Fort Collins High School and at Live Oak High in Morgan Hill, California.

What should Rockwall ISD be teaching and encouraging? AMERICAN CULTURE.

Our culture is the ONLY culture emulated throughout the modern world, from China to Cuba, from Russia to Argentina. Young people from all over the world love our Rock ‘n Roll, freedoms and high standard of living. I met a gentleman in Sao Paulo, Brazil who spoke not a word of English, but shares my love of Patsy Cline singing “Crazy”.

Our unique culture isn’t Mexican, or Russian, or Iris, or English, or Canadian, or Chinese or Filipino. It’s OUR culture. Rock ‘n Roll was derived from Blues created by black Americans. However, Blues music isn’t a western African music as neither is Rock ‘n Roll: it’s 100% AMERICAN music.

Let’s not fall for the divide-and-conquer liberal agenda overtaking America today. It’s time to put aside political correctness and stand for our beloved country.

I hope you, like me, prefer our present motto in lieu of this one, “a populo divulso” – a people divided.

John White

Rockwall, Texas

RISD Legislative Agenda – Opposition to Charter Schools is a Political Position

25 March 2015

What is the most fundamental role of government?

Do you know?

The second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence states:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men…

A flyer sent from our Rockwall ISD stated the district’s position on various fiscal and political issues within its legislative agenda. I draw your attention to one item: Funding Charter Schools.

Oppose voucher programs that remove funds from public schools

Point Number One

My former pastor Larry Lea would say, “Sometimes something has to be said.” As I see it, something has to be said, now.

First and foremost, those tax dollars don’t belong to the school district. The money isn’t “state public school funds”, but moneys collected via taxation for the education of all children resident in area. Those tax dollars are OUR dollars, as in “we the people”, we the taxpayers within the Rockwall Independent School District and elsewhere in the great state of Texas. We elect school board trustees to represent the interests of taxpayers, not the pecuniary interests of school administrators.

biz v govt cartoon
Second Point

Full disclosure: My children are all grown with children of their own. Some of my grandchildren attend public school and some are in home schools. None are in charter schools and I don’t expect they ever will be.

With the above statement in mind, I have no “ax to grind” on the issue of charter schools. However, I do have an “ax to grind” on the matter of the worldview of elected school trustees and hired school administrators.

On the subject of those unalienable rights, the “pursuit of happiness” means exactly what?

As for property rights, they were at the heart of the dispute which led to the American Revolution. When Americans at the time listed the rights of man, they often said “life, liberty, and property.” Boston’s 1772 “Rights of the Colonists” were typical: “Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: First, a right to life; secondly to liberty; thirdly to property.” As with happiness, this is not a right to property itself, but a right to use one’s talents to acquire property, and to use it as one sees fit, as long as one does not injure oneself or

School revenues come from two sources: state treasury tax revenues and local (school district) property taxes. Rockwall ISD is building a backlog of debt that will never be paid off. We are facing debt obligations that will go out approximately 50 years.

Third Point

We live – at least we used to live – in a free-market economy where competition brings out the best in everything. Not some things. Everything.

Charter schools represent competition, even more so than private schools. Over in Dallas, many parents opt for charter schools like Uplift – Williams Prep over public schools for reasons apart from scholastic testing.


Perhaps uniforms are the reason. Perhaps not. Perhaps discipline and order are the reason. Perhaps not. Perhaps all the above. Chief among reasons is the desire of poor parents to give their children a boost out of poverty. Note the percent eligibility for free lunches.

This particular charter school serves as an example because I know Williams Prep. This school has been one of our customers several years and, no, I have no financial interest in Uplift Education or any of its schools. My company associates have enjoyed doing business with this school due to the politeness and respectfulness exhibited by students and staff.


Rockwall administrators and trustees have no business OPPOSING school opportunities outside the Rockwall Independent School District. We do not elect our trustees to engage in politics. We elect trustees to be stewards over our tax dollars and district property and to oversee district administration .

I point to the prescribed duties of RISD trustees, as posted on the official website.

“Texas law grants the seven-member Board of Trustees exclusive power to govern and oversee the management of public schools, including authority to levy and collect taxes, buy and sell property, exercise the right of eminent domain, accept donations, charge fees, and adopt employment policies.”

Absent are the duties of lobbyists. Also absent is a mandate to campaign against the interests of families not residing in our district. Borrowing from Sin City’s slogan, what happens in RISD, should stay in RISD.

Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston parents must be the best arbiters of what’s best for their children. Adopting a political position in opposition to charter school funding tramples the rights of our fellow Texans. Trustees should bring to mind the most fundamental role of government – securing the rights of citizens.

John White

Rockwall, Texas

Contact your Rockwall ISD trustees: 

Federal Indebtedness Future Shock – Rockwall ISD at Risk

Is it even possible to reduce federal indebtedness?

Economist Dean Baker explains the risk of running such a large deficit: “The debt limit must be increased at regular intervals in order to allow the government to function normally because the government is currently operating at a deficit. If the debt limit is not passed,

Click on image for real time debt
Click on image for real time debt

then at some point the government will not be able to pay workers and contractors. It won’t be able to send out Social Security checks or make payments for Medicaid and unemployment insurance to state governments. And, it will not be able to make interest payments on government bonds, effectively defaulting on the national debt.”

Transition to local government indebtedness: School District

Do we not see a familiar pattern, with respect to municipal and school district finances?

Here in Rockwall, our school district’s debt service is just over 25% of gross revenue. logo-rockwall-isdApproximately half of all expenditures go to non-teaching expenses. In other words, only half of gross revenue directly goes to benefit our children.

We have two new trustees, Jon Bailey and Jim White, who won elections yesterday, May 11, 2013. These are ‘home-grown’ products of this district with vested interest in long-term success of the district.

The “One Issue” crowd made a lot of noise. They sent out a lot of emotional emails. I refused to join the cacophony of willingly ignorant banter, choosing instead to lean on research and reason. Willingly ignorant? Isn’t that a little strong? Yes and yes.

There were attempts to reason. For example, in one situation, a friend of many years responded to my presentation of facts, “I don’t care.” So, yes and yes.

I thank God our little county of Rockwall remains an island of reason. But for how long fiscally sound?

What do I ask of my Rockwall ISD School Trustees? These are my personal desires; I hope others share them.

  • Fiscal responsibility for future taxpayers who will be paying down debt long after my passing.
  • Accountability to taxpayers and parents who will require of the Trustees wisdom and piety.
  • Bold faith. Most, if not all, RISD Trustees are believers in Jesus Christ, faithful to their respective congregations. It is my hope and my prayer they will not be intimidated by the likes of the God haters, but, instead, will be bold in their faith, depending on the great I Am, through agency of His Holy Spirit and in the authority of the name of Jesus Christ to uphold the principles of our Founding Fathers, acting as reliable stewards of their legacy.

The above of necessity can only become so if taxpayers and parents themselves accept personal responsibility for the acts of their children.

It is my prayer also that the Holy Spirit of God will embolden teaching and administrative staff to exercise authority. Maintenance of good order depends on mutual respect between students, parents and school staff members. It is also my prayer that parents assume responsibility for the character and behavior of their children. One works not without the other.

What can you as a taxpayer and/or parent do to further mutual respect between you and the teachers of your children? Choose to not be willingly ignorant, blown about by every wind of rumor and innuendo.

LEARN about your RISD school budget:


Discover what CSCOPE really is:

Public website for CSCOPE


RISD School Board of Trustees: Learn who they are, view videos of meetings and read minutes of meetings – communicate with them, assuming n-o-t-h-i-n-g! 

Rockwall ISD Board of Trustees

Use their direct email addresses to contact them (website will be soon updated).

Fiscal Challenges Come With Vengeance

Wise and experienced persons who view the future in context with the past foresee a day of reckoning when interest rates bloom like wildfire, stock markets retreat and the U.S. economy goes through what some call “the next great depression”.

Around Texas, in fact right around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, small school districts overextended themselves to build elaborate physical plants to attract newcomers: “build it and they will come”. They built and they left as our local economy shrank. One such small district even retired janitors and maintenance personnel while keeping their “IT Specialist”.

Let’s encourage our trustees to wisely consider future economic uncertainties in order to best chart a course forward.

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