Republicans Question President’s Science Policies and Priorities

Republicans raised many concerns with the Administration’s initiatives and priorities, including issues related to scientific integrity, transparency and data access; concerns over policies to restrict oil and gas exploration and production, and reject the Keystone pipeline; concerns over EPA regulations on coal plants, refineries, automobiles, and numerous other industries that ultimately will raise energy prices for all Americans; concerns over the Administration’s research direction for nuclear reactors at the Department of Energy (DOE); and concerns over the President’s proposed Clean Energy Standard (CES) that would mandate Americans buy electricity from more expensive and less reliable energy sources such as wind and solar power.

Witnesses Highlight Flawed Processes Used to Generate Climate Change Science, Inform Policy

Economic theory and the experience in Europe and the United States with renewable energy policies show the effect is the opposite of stimulus to clean technology industries. Clean energy equipment will be produced where it is least costly to do so, and domestic policies that raise energy costs can shift that comparative advantage against the U.S.