DECKER: 5 questions with Rep. Ralph Hall

Congressman Hall says, "This administration seems to believe that the American people are going to continue to tolerate out-of-control spending and the higher taxes that will be needed to pay the bills. While tax reform is necessary, the underlying problem is spending. President Obama wants to increase the size of government and raise taxes, while I support less government and more individual freedom."

Winepress of The Grapes of Wrath

Steinbeck's novel was decried as "too liberal". School boards in the states of New York, Illinois, California, and elsewhere banned Grapes of Wrath. Politically sensitive Oklahoma Congressman Lyle Boren reviled the story as "a lie, a black infernal creation of a twisted, distorted mind". But, this story was no lie and John Steinbeck the author placed his own life at risk to bring relief to a desperate people.

Home Economics – From My Perspective

Setting the Stage From the time of our revolutionary war against England, through two world wars and numerous “police actions” we have successfully grown our economy and paid our debts. Then came recession in 2008. Some believe without TARP and “bail outs” the economy would have shaken out and restarted an upward trend. But, over … Continue reading Home Economics – From My Perspective