38 Days to Victory – Hopkins County/Sulphur Springs Freedom Rally

Featured speakers include Congressman Ralph Hall, Pastor Stephen Broden, Bryan Hughes, Dan Flynn and Bob Deuell. There will be refreshments & music – a great gathering of families and friends. More than the last TEA Party event of the year, we are determined it will not be the last rally of a free people. Let’s pledge to preserve America for our children and grandchildren.

Lessons Learned – Lessons Not

Down in Brazil, President Dilma Rousseff, a former Marxist revolutionary,  uses a strategy of tax cuts, lower interest rates and investments in infrastructure to sustain economic development. Meanwhile,  back up here in the States, a die-hard Marxist revolutionary uses  a strategy of higher taxes, higher interest rates (yes, that's coming very soon) and no improvements to … Continue reading Lessons Learned – Lessons Not