Your Guide to the Deep State and the DC Swamp

It is said, a picture is worth a thousand words.
guide to the deep state swamp
In a 60 Minutes interview, Steve Bannon explains the Establishment political structure in Washington, DC, starting at minute 1:20 in the video below. (The entire half-hour interview is well worth your time.)

The Libertarian Institute provides a good explanation of the Deep State we here so much about.

The aggregate actions of long-term state functionaries will always tend to maximize the state’s growth and their own discretionary power. Not because they are venal or corrupt (although some certainly are), nor because they necessarily subscribe to some particular ideology (although some certainly do), but because like their actions, they themselves are an aggregate whose parts will overwhelmingly respond to the same incentives in the same way.

You’ll never walk into a hotel and see a sign in the lobby announcing “Welcome Deep State, Conference Room 3A.” The Deep State isn’t a conscious conspiracy, even if there are conscious conspirators within it. The Deep State is a large mass with no guiding intellect. Its inertia tends to hold it in one place and/or to carry most of its members in the same direction. – LIBERTARIAN INSTITUTE: What the Deep State is

The Deep State, in my opinion, is the consequence of government operating outside the enumerated powers prescribed by the U.S. Constitution. Directly employed federal employees (bureaucrats) number about 2 million, excluding military personnel. This compares to Wal-Mart’s 1.8 million employees.

The wealthiest counties in America are those surrounding our nation’s capital.

It is often said that the federal workforce has changed little since JFK was in office, but this is misleading because the federal workforce includes millions of contractors that now do the jobs formerly done by bureaucrats. There are actually more contract employees working on military bases than civil service employees, approximately 770,000 contractors compared to 660,000 civilian employees.

It’s natural for people to do what they must to work until eligible for retirement pay and federal employees and federal contractors do all they can to stay on the job even if it means they will resort to undermining any elected official who would cut the workforce as this president is actively doing. I point to transvestite Chelsea Manning as an example.

Not on government payrolls, but big enough to have government people on their ‘donor’ payrolls, the Deep State includes lobbyists and corporate donors whose donations serve to support their respective pecuniary interests.

How long will it take to Drain The Swamp? Steve Bannon estimates it will take as many as fifty years to clear it out.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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